5 Natural Split End Remedies

5 Natural Split End Remedies

We as women strive to be a better version of ourselves. One way is through our clothing, our decision on whether to wear makeup, and how we decide to style our hair. However, sometimes overheating our hair, abusing hair dye, and going crazy with the hair products can lead to split ends, which are not cool.

Other ways we tend to develop split ends is through over exposure to the sun or other pollution. Along with that, taking showers that are too hot can be harmful to our hair and our skin. If you’re not getting regular trims, and using the right type of brush, your hair can be getting brittle and weak, which also lead to split ends.

Have no fear, because like always, there are easy and natural ways to cure the dreaded split ends!

Check out these 5 awesome ways to treat split ends:

1. Egg

It may sound gross, but doing a hair mask once or twice a week is actually very beneficial for our hair. Not only are you getting protein from the eggs, but also most of the recipes for the mask require olive oil, which is enriched with vitamins. Here’s a great article from wikiHow, and an easy tutorial from jeemun on YouTube:

2. Beer

This one can go both ways, sometimes it can work or it could possibly not work. The idea of pouring a beer on your head is an interesting one, so why not at least try it? Beer isn’t bad for you anyway – when consumed responsibly – because it contains vitamins and some beers even have Biotin, which is a key vitamin for hair growth. Nature Helps has an entire article dedicated to the pros of doing a beer rinse, plus gives some interesting different mask options.

3. Avocado

Avocados are a great source of vitamin A, D and E which all contribute to strong and shiny hair. Not only that, but avocado is also packed with proteins and nourishing fatty acids, which makes it a great conditioner. Here’s a recipe, and review by Whole Fully. Along with that, here’s a video tutorial by ModaMob:

4. Bananas 

Bananas have tons of minerals and vitamins packed into them so they’re a miracle worker for split ends and other damages done to our hair. Check out this tutorial by Nita Gill for a great recipe and application for the mask.

5. Honey 

An ingredient used in most of the recipes listed above, honey is another amazing treatment to try for split ends. This rad tutorial that mixes coconut oil and honey, by Abbykus, is a great starter. There’s also a great article by Everyday Roots that gives solid recipes that require honey as an ingredient.

Test out these ideas, and let us know how they worked for you!

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

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