5 Important and Practical Self Care Tips

5 Important and Practical Self Care Tips

It seems self-care these days is all the rage, almost popping up as a new trend that you need to adopt and get on top of. 

But self-care shouldn’t be a trend. 

It should be a routine: a progress and a daily habit of maintenance more than just a spontaneous “try this amazing new product” thing. 

And it should be practical! 

While the idea of regular manicures and pedicures, a day having a mud bath and massage and a weekly trip to the float tank sounds nice, it’s not practical (or affordable) as a regular routine. 

Don’t abandon the need for self-care simply because it sounds like everything takes too long or is too expensive. 

Instead try these practical, every day actions and tips for adopting your own (affordable) at-home self-care routine:

  • Go outside – Even if all you have is 5 minutes on your lunch break, getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine can have amazing benefits on your body and mind. If you are not someone who regularly gets outside during the day, commit to spending at least 5 minutes of your day in the great outdoors, and work it up to 30.  You can incorporate a walk or some physical activity, or simply have a seat in the park, soaking up the sunshine rich Vitamin D and allowing your mind to quiet down for a bit.
  • Laugh – It’s simple, yet effective and yet so many of us don’t do it nearly enough! If you find yourself feeling down, feeling stressed, feeling anxious or just having a bit of a blah day, try laughing.  At first it might start awkwardly and forced, but pretty soon you’ll be laughing out loud and feeling all sorts of better.
  • Statement of gratitude – It’s easy to get caught up in what we think we don’t have in terms of our skills, abilities and accomplishments, but what about focusing on what we do have? What about practicing gratitude for the things that you are good at, the unique traits and skills you possess and offer to others and taking a minute to give yourself a pat on the back. Create a habit of regular, daily gratitude, where you express things about yourself and others that you are grateful for, focusing on the positive and what you have instead of focusing on what’s lacking.
  • Mirror mantra – Find a mantra that you can adopt to support you in your times of vulnerability and self-doubt. We all have certain times in our life, whether it be work related, family related, or just self-confidence related, where we don’t feel quite good enough or capable enough.  Fight that with a mantra like “you are enough,” or  “you’ve got this,” that you can repeat over and over as you look in the mirror staring yourself in the eye.  You can think of it as mental health self care – and a few repeated words go a long way!
  • Hydrate Go drink a glass of water. Right now! Water plays a function in every part of our body and everything that we do, so it is critical to maintain adequate intake.  Inadequate water intake causes poor concentration, headaches, makes you feel hungrier, causes low energy and lethargy and can cause increased irritability and poor reaction times.  Not to mention, it is critical for healthy skin, digestion and effective natural body detoxification.  

Start with just one of these options and incorporate it into your weekly routine to develop a successful, progressive and productive self-care regime that won’t break the bank!

By: Laura Peill

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