5 Easy Exercises for a Bigger Butt

5 Easy Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s the time for booty shorts, bathing suits, and showing off our beautiful curves.

The one curve most women hope to be able to show off proudly is their rounder, firmer, and bigger butt.

However, sometimes on our journey to achieve our body goals, mistakes can be made that end up setting us back instead of pushing us forward.

For example, most people tend to think they can target particular areas they want to lose fat from, and they’ll focus on cardio machines that “target” that area but never see results.

Now, targeting and training those areas of our bodies does burn calories and help with fat loss, but it may not be enough to lean out those parts of our bodies.

 To get those buns of steel perfect for booty shorts or that new bathing suit you have, consider these five moves that work all areas of our glutes and hamstrings – which is vital to losing fat, gaining muscle, and leaning out that backside.

Here are my favourite 5 exercises that help me target my butt: 


Like the almighty squat, the lunge is the next best exercise with the best result. Some tips to remember include: keeping your back straight by opening your chest a bit, and to always make sure your knee is behind your ankle – having it come over could cause unwanted tension on the knee tendons. Add challenges by including dumbbells into the routine, or even making the lunges explosive and jumping. Check out this oldie but goodie video from Blogilates:

This lunge challenge and will surely have you sweating and building up booty in no time.


A variation of the original squat, doing plies will definitely have you feeling sore but stronger the next day. The plié squat targets your glutes and your inner thighs. Adding dumbbells to the mix is even a great way to tone your arms too! Remember to keep your back straight, legs pointed outwards – remember to not let your knees fall past the ankles – and tuck your tailbone. Here is another Blogilates video (one of my favs) that is another challenge. This time doing plié squats.


A classic move that is the perfect hamstring burner. If you’re new to doing deadlifts, start with a lighter paid of dumbbells until you’re stronger, because going heavier can cause strain to your back. If you’re a pro at deadlifts, starting mixing it up and maybe do one-legged deadlifts.

This video from Howcast will teach you the proper form and the basics to doing a successful deadlift.

Hip Thrusts

Another classic move that targets our glutes directly, and are hamstrings, which makes it one of the best workouts to do to get a bigger butt! There are many variations that can be done to make it more difficult once the move has been made comfortable and almost mastered. Consider adding weights, like a barbell, and making the lifts one-legged.

Above is another classic challenge from Blogilates that is a great bum-burning workout.


The almighty lower body workout that is vital for gaining a bigger butt and stronger legs. Here are some tips to remember when doing squats to help effectively get the best workout possible: squatting deeper means working your hamstrings and your butt more, consider having a wider stance, do not let your knees go further than your ankles, and try to keep your back straight when going down. Blogilates has a lot of lower body workout videos, but there are two great squat challenging videos to check out. Click here for one, and here for another. Plus, if you’re feeling up for a bigger and longer challenge, consider this....

Cassie's 1000 Squat Challenge is an incredible and insane workout that is only for intended for advanced booty athletes.

By: Bethany Barich

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