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4 Foods Your Eating All Wrong

4 Foods Your Eating All Wrong

Tired of the same foods, the same way, for the same meal?  Well maybe you’ve just been eating some of your foods all wrong and need to mix things up a bit and try them with a bit of a twist. 

Here are 4 common foods to start with:


All these years we have been throwing out banana peels, but really, there are heaps of great vitamins and minerals in the peels.  Completely safe to eat, banana peels are a source of magnesium, potassium, B6 and B12.  Just like bananas are great for replenishing electrolytes, and hence are often used by athletes during training, the peel is also a source of electrolytes.  Like many other fruits, the peel contains additional nutrients and is not poisonous, as you may have once been told.  Not interested in eating the peel?  Boost your nutrient intake by eating green bananas instead of ripe ones!  Green bananas have the nutritional profile of yellow bananas, but are far lower in sugar, and have the added benefit of resistant starch.  This is a type of starch, which is not digested immediately upon consumption and instead is saved for food for the bacteria in the stomach.


 You may be surprised to hear that the greatest content of vitamin C in the kiwi fruit actually comes from the skin.  Kiwis are a great source of antioxidants, as observed from their bright green colour, and in addition, contain vitamin K and potassium, and have a relatively low sugar content.  Eating the skin however means you can boost the nutrient content, getting a greater dose of vitamin C, as well as getting a boost of fiber.  Fiber promotes good digestion and helps fill you up.


 Ok, maybe you aren’t eating these wrong, but you may not be using them to their full potential.  When cooked down, lentils get really soft, and added to a blender lends a really smooth, creamy consistency.  This opens up heaps of possibilities in terms of healthier options of your favourite, creamy, not so healthy foodstuffs.  Think things like chocolate pudding, creamy pasta sauce, smooth, creamy milkshakes and ice cream, and sauces and dips galore.  To achieve this creamy delight, simply cook red lentils in until very soft and mushy.  Then, add them to a blender with some coconut cream and puree until smooth.  From here, add in your sweetener of choice if you are making a dessert, or salt and herbs of your choice if you are making a savory dip or sauce.


The amazing, protein packed superfood, this ancient grain is no longer just for lunch or dinner, or your chickpea quinoa salad.  Instead, have quinoa for breakfast!  Because it is high in protein and fiber, it makes a great breakfast option to fill you up and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.  You can use leftover quinoa from dinner the night before, quinoa flakes, or raw quinoa.  From there, treat it like you would a bowl of oatmeal: cook it with some coconut milk and water and then add in your favourite additions like almond butter, flaxseeds, banana, maca and mesquite, or even some raw cacao for a delicious chocolate version.  Sweetened with a bit of maple syrup or coconut nectar and your power packed breakfast are all set!  Quinoa flakes cook quickly, like rolled oats, while whole quinoa takes a little longer – but definitely worth the wait!

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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