5 Foods That Cause Bloating

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter) 

That time of the month and the regular holiday dinners are not the only thing that can cause bloating.

No matter who you are, or what sex you are, you will always experience bloating at least once in your lifetime. There are lists of medical reasons, both serious and not, that discuss what can cause bloating. However, sometimes, and normally the biggest reason, for bloating is our diet. The foods you may be ingesting are healthy, but are not to be eaten in abundance.

Below are five different types of foods that may be the culprit towards you’re uncomfortable and unflattering bloat. 

1. Diary Products

Sadly, this could be the factor in that gassy and bloated feeling you experience – studies have shown that diary products are the biggest culprit in producing bloating and gas. You may not be severely lactose intolerant, but the intolerance itself can range from being extremely minor to the severities known. If you notice that you become gassy after drinking milk or snacking on ice cream, begin to cut the consumption in half. If you notice a change for the positive, then keep it up! You can even play around with the products you consume – soymilk and almond milk are great healthy options, and come in delicious flavors.

2. Beans

But isn’t this one an obvious cause? It is, however, what you may not know is that it’s because of the soluble fiber find in beans. They’re good for you, but in small amounts. If you’re trying to reach the recommended grams of fiber through eating beans, you’ll definitely be experiencing gas afterwards. Fiber, in general, will cause a bloated and gassy feeling when consumed in large amounts so take it small no matter what it is.

3. Veggies

Don’t freak out because veggies can suddenly cause bloating or gas – they’ve always been able to do that, it’s just now, you’re aware of it. Like everything else listed (and to be listed), eating veggies moderately is the easiest way to overcome those feelings of bloat and gas. The reason that some veggies, mainly broccoli and asparagus, can cause a bloated stomach is because of its sugars. Raffinose is a sugar that goes undigested until it reaches the large intestine, and it’s because of that, that we experience bloat and gas.

4. Fruits

Once again, don’t freak out. The reason why some fruits can cause bloat and gas is actually the same as beans, because of soluble fibers. Apples, peaches, pears and prunes contain a sugar called sorbitol, which causes gas. To avoid experiencing all of this discomfort, peel the fruits or eat them in increments – cut an apple in half, eat some now and again later in the day.

5. Sodium Products

In reality, we shouldn’t consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day. Sometimes that’s unavoidable, though, since half the foods out there (including healthy options) are extremely high. Sodium does not directly cause gas, but it will lead to bloating due to the fact that it makes your body retain water. The easiest solution to avoid this all from happening is to cut back the amount of sodium you intake. Make sure you’re checking labels and seeing how much each food product contains. If you find yourself experiencing a bloated stomach after consuming sodium products, try some of these solutions from POPSUGAR!


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