3 Times the Keto Diet Might Not be for You

You have no doubt heard a great deal about the Keto diet and how it works, what it offers and how it can be advantageous to an individual looking to lose weight, get healthier, or increase their energy.

And while it may sound like a good idea, with lots of great benefits, the keto diet isn’t for everyone.

In fact, there are a few select groups of people which typically don’t optimally benefit from the ketogenic diet or who need to check in with the reason behind adopting the diet. 


Depending on your sport and activity of choice, the ketogenic diet may or may not be right for you and work in your favour.  Some individuals who strength train find great results with the ketogenic diet, supplementing with exogenous ketones and finding the ketone energy is sustainable, allows them to focus and stay on track mentally and they do not fatigue as quickly.  In contrast others who participate in CrossFit, feel they do not have the energy reserve they need for the amount of time they need it when it comes to performant.  A similar scene occurs with endurance activities, such as long-distance running: some athletes run out of energy on their long run on the ketogenic diet, while others feel maximally fuelled for the duration of their performance. Try it out for yourself on your own body before you assume it is going to be the answer to your exercise struggles.

 Problems With Liver and Gallbladder

The liver and gallbladder work together with each other and with the rest of the digestive system to digest fat. They are responsible for emulsifying fat and then sending it throughout the body for energy, insulation, and brain health.  When there are problems with the liver, the gallbladder has been removed, or the liver and digestive organs are not working together properly, this makes it hard for the body to break down fat and this is not ideal on the ketogenic diet.

Poor Diet

Recognize that the ketogenic diet is not a solution to a poor diet. In other words, simply going on the ketogenic diet will not improve your health if you are eating poorly, lacking in fruit and vegetable consumption, and relying on processed foods.  Before you get overwhelmed by understanding the logistics of ketogenics, focus on understanding the logistics behind simply eating a healthy diet, that is made up of mostly plants, filled with whole foods, free from refined sugar and limited in other sugar and processed foods.  Once you have improved your diet as a whole, you can then start to work to make changes towards adopting a ketogenic diet.

When new diets pop up, especially if they are appearing as successful for those who are trying them, it can be easy to just jump on board and assume they will be successful for you as well.  And while this may be the case, it is important to do some research ahead of time to avoid disappointment or unwanted health problems.

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH 


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