Gym Day: Legs and Shoulders

By: Cassandra Cardona

Hello all, it’s me Cassandra again, and I am I back with a regular gym day routine for you. I want to point out a few things that are very important.

Whenever working out always remember this and never forget it, “form over function”. You NEVER want to sacrifice your form over performing the exercise. You can injure yourself very fast that way. So, when training, grab a weight that you can maintain the perfect form with. Of course, you don’t want to grab a 3lb dumbbell and do your biceps if you know you can curl 10lbs. The movement obviously should create some discomfort, and burn. But it shouldn’t cause you to start leaning the wrong way or hyper-extending your body in any way. Form is the most important component of an affective training day.

With that being said, I present… our leg/shoulder day routine. We started off with... I honestly don’t know what they are called, so I named them:

Kneeling Squat 3 Sets of 10 Reps

Starting in a kneeling position, with your squat weight on the meaty part of your back. You are going to stand into a squat and then immediately kneel again. This move is a bit tricky, so please start out with a lighter weight than you would normally grab so that you can get the move down without causing any damage to your knees or back. We worked with a 20lb straight bar….and baby….these suckers hurt.

Traditional Lunge 3 Sets of 10 Reps

Immediately get into your lunge position following the kneeling squat. Alternate the three leg exercises without any long breaks for water or to catch your breath. Maintain good form, if using weight is too much after the kneeling squat, then just use body weight, it will still work just give less resistance.

Side Lunge 3 Sets of 10 Reps

Again, immediately get into position. As always, if you are too fatigued to use weights, then use your body weight. We used 10lb plates each side, you can use 5lb, 2.5lb or body weight. Keep your back straight, and abs tight. ALWAYS in every exercise.

Shoulder Press 3 Sets of 10 Reps              

Grab the correct bench for this. Back of bench should be straight. Grab your weight, we have 10lb dumbells. With the weight by your ears, youre going to push them straight up, not locking your elbows. Your movement should be smooth. Do not bring the weight down past your shoulder height, maintain the movement up and down without stopping. Squeeze your traps in tight as you raise the weights, and always breath out as you are pushing the weight in the desired direction.

Lateral Shoulder Raise 3 Sets of 10 Reps

If your cable machine is empty (preferably on a Tuesday or Wednesday) then start with a comfortable weight. We are using 5 lbs on the machine. Work each arm. Starting out you are going to use the handle, position it right about your thigh area and then lift out and bring the weight about ear level. Its important to watch your form in the mirror. Never drop the weight past your thigh and never go above your ear. Remember, hold those abs in tight and keep a slight bend in one or both knees. Breathe in while you bring the weight up and exhale on the way down. Work both arms the same.

Decline Push Up 3 Sets of 10 Reps

Starting with your feet up on a weight bench, you are going to do a standard push up. This exercise is great for your entire upper body, but its even better to super set in between your shoulder exercises. Keep your butt down, you should be completely one straight line with your form, hold your abs in, and don’t forget to breath. Steady and smooth.

Trap Time 3 Sets of 10 Reps

We did not use any weight on this bar. I like to use a curl bar, they already have a good girth to them. Standing straight, with your abs in and your hands in an over the bar position you are going to just bring the bar straight up to your chin. Elbows should always be pointing up during this move, and you don’t want to lock your elbows on the way down. Nice and fluid, once these get easier, then slide a couple donuts on there (2.5lbs) and then slowing use more and more weight. That way, you are always challenging yourself, despite doing the same exercise.

Abs (Bicycle Crunch with 10lbs) 25/50/100 Reps

This exercise can be completed with or without any weight. I train abs on the regular and I like to use a 10lb plate. My goal is to work up to 25lbs. So, get flat on your back with your knees at a 90degree angle. As you bring one leg down, you bring the weight down behind you and just alternate the legs up and down with the weight at the same time. I did 100 of these, but please start out slow, and at your own pace.

Turtle Reverse Crunch 25/50/100 Reps 

Using a resistance ball, make sure you choose the right size. I’m only 5feet tall so the smaller ones work better for me. Have the ball on the ground and find a comfortable mid chest height where your arms can balance your weight against the ball comfortably. Keep the bottoms of your feet together, and your thighs separated and curl your legs up towards your body. After this amazing leg routine, these suckers are sure to burn. Your abs help to keep the movement fluid while resting on the ball, and they keep you in position. This move works your lower back, gluteus, hamstrings, arms and abs…plus it’s fun. 

Okay dolls and gents that is it for another blog. Working out like this is always fun with a partner, but you can complete these on your own as well. As always, we worked out without long rest periods, maybe 30 seconds at the most to catch our breath or get water. I was completely saturated with sweat and spent after this leg day. It was a success. I will continue to post my workouts for you guys.

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