Healthy Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

By: Emma Rose Crockett 

Kate Moss, the queen of the fashion world, revealed her motto as, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” While it does feel great to fit into your skinny jeans without imagining you’re about to pop a seam, healthy definitely tastes as good, if not better, than skinny feels. 

Our culture today pushes women to believe that being skinny is the ultimate goal. The pressure on women to be thin for men, other women, jobs, and numerous other influences can be overwhelming and prevent us from sustaining a lifestyle that promotes confidence. It is easy to slim down on your consumption of sugar, processed foods, and the ever-amazing cronut for a week or two. It is just as easy to say yes to the box of donuts staring at you at the office meeting, yes to a bottle of soda at your friend’s house instead of Skinny Teatox tea, and yes to the array of foods we know we ought to avoid around us.

The easiest way to fight off these temptations is to sustain a balanced diet, providing your body with the nutrients it needs, without leaving room for that Snickers bar. The healthier the foods you put into your body, the healthier you feel. Feeling good about what you eat is not based on just eating salads, or cutting carbs out of your diet entirely. Healthy is about portions, about fueling your body with what it needs, and no more or no less. You’ll be amazed how full you feel after a breakfast smoothie made from spinach, bananas, berries, nut butter and almond milk compared to a store-bought muffin or cereal. Your body will glow from the benefits of consuming foods that contain rich nutrients. Once you start providing your body with better foods, it becomes easier and easier to stay on the healthy track. You will stop craving that carton of Ben and Jerry’s and start craving a homemade fruit salad instead. You will begin to wake up every morning not feeling the groggy effects and bloating of refined sugars and processed foods. You will wake up feeling refreshed, well rested, confident and glowing. It becomes a habit to pick the healthier, more nutritious options over the latter. Nothing can compare to how great eating healthy feels, inside and out. 

Eating healthy is only a part of feeling great and feeling your body glow. Exercising, one of my favorite things to do, not only helps me fit into my skinny jeans but the feeling I get after a great sweat session is undeniably great. Nothing feels better than the sweat dripping off your face as if it is your fat crying while you push your body to new limits. Whether I am on a run, at the gym, or at a yoga class I am promoting health in my mind and body. Exercise is great for stress relief as well. Get your head into the zone during your workout and forget your job responsibilities for an hour, forget that your crush hasn’t texted you back, forget that it’s your turn to clean your apartment or else your roommate will lose it. Exercise for yourself, your sanity, and your body. Once you begin exercising more and more, you’ll find excuses to get those extra steps in every day. Picking the stairs over the escalator or elevator will become a no-brainer, great tush workout in the middle of the day. Walking to the grocery store instead of driving, plus carrying those bags home will add a nice arm workout too. You’ll see the amazing benefits of working out in the fit of your clothes, your skin, your energy levels, and how you carry yourself. And who doesn’t love to wear work out clothes all the time? Now you’ll be one of those people who actually exercises too, not just strutting around in leggings and a sports bra all day.

Healthy is the new skinny, and nothing compares to the positive effects of health on your body and how it makes you feel. Sorry Kate Moss, but we found something that tastes better than skinny feels, treating your body right with nutrients and exercise. We might not all be supermodels, but we can definitely feel like one inside and out.


Feb 09, 2022

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Abby xx
Feb 08, 2022

I would love to win!!!

michelle williams
Feb 05, 2022

Emma! You are such a talented writer. I loved everything said in this article, Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well :)

Hannah Menzies
Feb 05, 2022

This is a wonderfully written authentic article about balancing it all in a way that promote health and not a product. I wish I had this wisdom when I was a teenager! Thanks for sharing!

Feb 04, 2022

Great article Em! I’m even more motivated after reading this because healthy IS the new skinny.

Madison Creighton

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