Bootea Teatox Review

Today we're going to do an in-depth review of Bootea Teatox. Last month we reviewed Tiny TeaSkinnyMe Tea and Queen B. This time we ordered Bootea and will tell you everything there is to know about this popular Teatox based out of Europe.

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Anwyay, here we go! 

Bootea Teatox Review

After browsing Bootea's website we decided to test their most popular product, the 14 Day Teatox. Here's what they claim it will do: 

"I'll perform a much needed, intensive cleanse of your digestive system to help achieve the results you want. I'll leave you feeling energised and motivated to reach your goals."

Although they ship around the world they only list prices in GBP (Great British Pounds) so it's listed as £19.99GBP. Here are some currency conversions to give you a good idea how much this product will cost you. 

£20 GBP = $33.50 USD 
£20 GBP = $35.60 AUD
£20 GBP = $37.00 CAD
So already we're seeing that Bootea isn't the cheapest teatox available. The prices are comparable to a few other teatox's but we're not taking into account shipping charges yet. Shipping to Canada for instance costs an extra £12 GBP so when all is said and done Bootea's 14 day teatox cost us $58 Canadian which is pretty darn steep (this is usually what other companies charge for a 28 day teatox - double the size). If you live in the UK none of this is of concern, so just read on.... :-)

Bootea Shipping 

So as we mentioned earlier, Bootea is based out of England (United Kingdom) so shipping outside of their country takes a little while. We placed our order mid-March and received it about 20 days after payment went through. This took significantly longer than Tiny Tea (who are also based in Europe) and considering they charge so much for shipping it was a pretty long wait.

The package that arrived is a large envelope that made no mention of it being a teatox. This is a great thing because some people get embarrassed by having their family or loved ones finding out that they use a detox diet tea. 

We've heard from customers in the UK that they ship fast there, so no worries there! 

In The Envelope: 14 Day Teatox 

Okie dokie, so we ordered the most popular teatox - The 14 Day Teatox - which comes with two types of tea: a Daytime Detox and a Bedtime Cleanse. The teas come in two separate bags: Daytime Detox comes with 14 bags (total 35 grams) and the Bedtime Cleanse comes with 7 bags (18 grams). 
Both teas come in small tea bags that contain loose leaf tea. The herbs that Bootea uses seem to be very high quality - there are large leafs and sprigs instead of powdery dusk like some teatox's have.

Bootea Ingredients

Daytime Detox 

Chinese Oolong tea, mate leaves, ginger root, fennel seeds, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, ginseng root, gotu kola leaves, nettle leaves. 

Bedtime Cleanse

Senna leaves, peppermint leaves, fenugreek seeds, liquorice root, burdock root, hawthorn leaves, valerian root, psyllium seeds. 

NOTE: There is a disclaimer that says Bootea is prepared in a factory that also handles nuts, so if you have a nut allergy you better beware! 

Bootea Teatox Review

Alright, so the morning tea was quite nice. The flavours were quite delicious and I found myself looking forward to drinking it every day. I didn't exactly feel a boost of energy as it claims, but it didn't do any harm either and given the herbs that are in the tea I don't doubt that it boosted my metabolism. 

Like most teatox's the evening tea didn't taste nearly as good. That's because the main ingredient is Senna Leaves, which also gives the laxative effect. I'm quite glad they put peppermint in the tea as that does add a nice flavour dimension to the bedtime cleanse. 

The tea bags are absolutely cute as pie - definitely the best looking teatox bags I have seen yet. 

As far as effects, Bootea is a teatox that gives you a laxative effect (similar to Skinny Teatox and SkinnyMe Tea) so be prepared to go to the bathroom a few times after drinking the bedtime cleanse. It's called a "cleanse" because it will "cleanse your colon out" - which is in fact a GOOD thing. We found the cleansing effect to be similar to the other teatox's out there. The "cleanse" happens usually the next morning and it happens 2-4 times before lunch. If you go to school or work in an office you'll have to keep this in mind as sometimes the bathroom urges come out of nowhere and are quite intense. 

I'm currently at a healthy weight so I didn't do this review to see if I would lose weight, so I can't comment on that. 

Bootea Teatox Conclusion

So if you live in North America (United States or Canada), the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore or anywhere in Scandinavia, we HIGHLY recommend Skinny Teatox. But if you live in New Zealand or Asia or anywhere else really I think Bootea is a good alternative. 

Pricing wise and the amount of time it takes to get the USA or Canada make Bootea a tough sell in these countries. It's very expensive considering the exchange rate plus the extra £12 GBP (that equals an extra $20USA) just for shipping - so we really can't recommend this product to people who live in North America. 

We also don't like that Bootea does NOT have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They'll only refund your money if the package is unopened, so if you try the product and don't like it for any reason, they won't give you a refund. This is pretty disappointing as most companies these days offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

YES, the product works. It looks great, tastes good and overall is pretty impressive. And yes, we do recommend it to a lot of people who can't order Skinny Teatox. So all-in-all this is a very positive review for readers in Europe but a so-so review for readers in North America. 

Be sure to also check out our Tiny Tea Teatox Review,  SkinnyMe Tea Vs. Tiny Tea and Queen B B-Tox Review.

I hope this review has been helpful. Whatever you decide to purchase, enjoy your teatox and good luck in your journey toward better health! :-)



Sep 25, 2021

How can i buy your teatox in iran?
Sep 25, 2021

I’ve been using bootea for 3 days now and I’m feeling really good. The nighttime tea hasn’t had a bad effect on me but I feel a lot less bloate, so for me I’m very impressed with it. I will repost after the two weeks and update my outcome.

Sep 21, 2021

Hey guys so if you are experiencing bad restroom time or bad stomach pain it is because it has to much licorice root , its been proved that licorice root is realllllly bad if taking more than 20 ounces a day which I’m sure the tea would equal out to , I’m just saying there’s better stuff out there try the one recommended above .

Sep 12, 2021

Today I just brought the detox tea. I’m looking forward to starting it nervous but looking forward to it will be back to update on my progress during the week

Sep 10, 2021

This has caused me excruitiating stomache problems!!!
Be careful if you usually go regular as I do it seems to have done the opposite took 3 days tea which stopped me going to the Loo when I eventually did the pain was worse than labour, theres no info with it suggesting what side effect take place & if this experience is normal,at one point i considered the hospital

Sep 05, 2021

So this is my third day on this tea, Taste is ok I drink lots of teas so taste wasn’t an issue for me. This is the first tea tox I have tried that has a laxative effect and its horrible… I work in a small business and the bathroom is shared by everyone and I have waves of having bad urges to use the washroom.. I rather not wreck the bathroom everyone has to use haha to much info I know!! but if using the washroom isn’t an issue for you then I would recommend this tea. So far its been good besides the laxative effect. ps. Im sure it didn’t help forgetting the tea bags in my tea for a long time so im sure that has something to do with the laxative ingrediants becoming stronger maybe?? just keep that in mind :) Happy with the results so far.

Aug 27, 2021

I got the teatox 14 day time cleanse. Im on day four or five and I think im starting to see results im not sure. The laxitive affect isnt that bad . Has anyone heard about flat tummy tea? Does it work?

Aug 25, 2021

This is my fourth day but have not seen any changes. The night one does not move me an inch. I only go to normal toilet the laxatives doesn’t work for my system. I spend this amount to get a good result but I am disappointed.

Aug 24, 2021

Don’t believe the hype. This will not make you lose weight ladies, this will simply just rid your bodies of junk and excess water weight (which will come back immediately afterwards.) Now, I am aware that this is only a temporary process but you’re already being tricked. The media uses this to their advantage to promote their products. And those of you who are feeling sick are because you are depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs, FOOD! If you want to lose weight and cleanse your body stop buying into the easy way out. 5mins this, 2week’s hard for what you want. Proper diet and regular exercise are key. No you will not see a difference in a day, nor maybe a week. However, you will discover the true appreciation of what hard work will bring to you. Enough with the easy way out, get off your assess and work hard for what you want!!

Aug 14, 2021

Do not touch it. I never ever experienced headaches and nausea like i have got after 2 days of drinking the tea

Donna Wyatt

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