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"Skinny Teatox did a lot for me when it came to bloating. It also kept me energized throughout the day"

Skinny teatox did a lot for me when it came to bloating. I was always bloated no matter how healthy I ate but with this my bloating finally went away. It also kept me energized throughout the day. I have my full 28 day transformation on my instagram @fitnessjourneyftme

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"Since I'm on this teatox, I haven't craved junk which made my weight drastically drop"

Hi my name is Zhenni and I ordered the 28 day teatox. I loved it because of the evening tea. As gross as it sounds, it really made me feel like my insides have been cleaned out. And since I'm on this teatox, I haven't craved junk which made my weight drastically drop. - Zhenni Li via Facebook

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"Skinny Teatox jump-started my metabolism... the results are astonishing to me"

So, I'm not finished with the Teatox yet but I'd just like to express my gratitude to the company. I found Skinny Teatox through Facebook as a sponsored post with one of their awesome contests. It had all the things I wanted (the contest before the Tiffany one) so I liked the page and started entering the competition religiously every day! Unfortunately I didn't win, but I was inspired to order the product and try the 14-day Teatox
I've always had problems with bloating, stomach issues...I used to have gastritis which made it hard for me to eat. Last year, I went on some medications for my mental health, and gained about 10-15lbs. The side effects are weight gain, slowed metabolism, pre-diabetes and even metabolic syndrome or liver problems. Thankfully my lab tests said I was okay, but very close to being pre-diabetic. It scared me and I didn't like my body even though I wasn't "fat" or obese. Skinny Teatox jump-started my metabolism...the results are astonishing to me. My stomach was so uncomfortable, now I'm feeling a lot lighter. I feel like it's even detoxing my liver from all those meds. This is a wonderful product.  (Brittany - via Twitter & check out her Tumblr)



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Jamie lost "those extra few stubborn pounds" using a 14 day teatox

My name is Jamie and after doing the 28 day detox I lost those extra few stubborn pounds and could not be happier! The tea is so easy to drink and really easy to keep up with and stay on track! I'm planning to do another 14 day cleanse after the holidays. (By: Jamie, via Instagram)

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Michal Ledbetter Lost Tummy Fat Using a 14 Day Skinny Teatox

"I loved my 14 day Skinny Teatox! I felt great and look better than I did when I started! Thanks for making such good tea!" - Michal Ledbetter via Twitter

Michal Before Skinny Teatox

Michal After Skinny Teatox

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RESULTS: Atia Lost 16 Pounds During a 28 Day Skinny Teatox With Zero Workouts

"A friend of mine had tried out a 28 day teatox. She spoke highly of it throughout the whole thing. So, I decided to give it a try. I always always suffered from bloating, lower tummy pouch, etc. Day 1 I weighed 150 lbs. A couple weeks passed and I was 10 pounds lighter. By the second photo I was so thrilled, and shocked at my progress. I didn't expect to see much of a difference within the last two weeks. Then, I shed an additional 6 pounds and couldn't be more ecstatic. The best part for me was this was all accomplished with purely dedicated eating habits and ZERO workouts. The Skinny Teatox helped control my hunger and cleansed my body all while aiding me to find my path towards a healthy lifestyle. Now I am at my lightest weight in 7 years and don't suffer from bloating! I look forward to continuing my new eating habits and can not wait to see what the future has in store." - Atia Self, Nov 2014 via Instagram

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Gloria Before & After a 14 Day Teatox

"I loved my 14 Day Skinny Teatox because it fits so easily in my busy schedule and works like magic! This teatox helped me lose weight.. I loved it." -- Gloria, via Facebook 

Gloria Before 14 Day Teatox

Gloria After 14 Day Teatox

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Ruby lost 7kg using a 28 Day Skinny Teatox

"I've tried exercising and diet and everything but still failed to lose weight and belly fat. I decided to give detox tea a try and went for skinny teatox. i thank myself for making that decision because my body has felt so good over the 28 days! losing weight has never been so easy (of course i still needed to eat healthy and exercise regularly), but it was definitely very helpful. i've lost a total of 7 kg!!! thank you skinny teatox!!" - Ruby Tam via Instagram

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Emily Lost 13 Pounds Thanks to a 28 Day Teatox

"I started Skinny Teatox in hopes that it would help me kick start my weight loss in order to gain a better body for one of the biggest moments of my wedding!  I have 10 months to go until my Big Day and Skinny Teatox has definitely helped.  I started the 28 day Teatox with my wedding dress appointment in mind.  Starting Day 1 at 142 pounds, I was able to complete my 28 days with the scale reading 129 pounds (13 pounds GONE!)!  I went in to my dress appointment feeling amazing, and even said YES to the dress!" (Emily Vallier via Instagram, October 15, 2021)

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Cassidy Before & After (6 weeks after a 14 day teatox)

"I love teatox because it makes me not feel hungry during the day and makes me feel a lot better about my body!" - Cassidy (Via Instagram)

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