"Skinny Teatox jump-started my metabolism... the results are astonishing to me"

So, I'm not finished with the Teatox yet but I'd just like to express my gratitude to the company. I found Skinny Teatox through Facebook as a sponsored post with one of their awesome contests. It had all the things I wanted (the contest before the Tiffany one) so I liked the page and started entering the competition religiously every day! Unfortunately I didn't win, but I was inspired to order the product and try the 14-day Teatox
I've always had problems with bloating, stomach issues...I used to have gastritis which made it hard for me to eat. Last year, I went on some medications for my mental health, and gained about 10-15lbs. The side effects are weight gain, slowed metabolism, pre-diabetes and even metabolic syndrome or liver problems. Thankfully my lab tests said I was okay, but very close to being pre-diabetic. It scared me and I didn't like my body even though I wasn't "fat" or obese. Skinny Teatox jump-started my metabolism...the results are astonishing to me. My stomach was so uncomfortable, now I'm feeling a lot lighter. I feel like it's even detoxing my liver from all those meds. This is a wonderful product.  (Brittany - via Twitter & check out her Tumblr)



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