AMAZING Results From a 14 Day Skinny Teatox!!!

"A few weeks ago I received a 14 day teatox courtesy of skinny teatox. I have been learning to make healthy choices and needed an extra push because I am now home more often, due to school being out for summer.

The morning tea was the easy part for me, as long as I woke up before the blistering heat rolled in (hot tea plus hot weather does not equal a happy girl). But sleeping in wasn’t needed due to the energy boost I got from the tea, I often found myself taking my dog for a run the days I wasn’t required to work out with my cheer squad. My appetite was suppressed the first week of the teatox, so much in the first few days I was needing to remind myself to eat until about 8 hours after I had the tea.

The night tea was a little harder. I found the taste a bit offensive, but it was nothing a bit of natural honey could fix. the laxative effect that takes place the morning after wasn’t too invasive to my schedule, but I found some days it didn’t take place until I was working out (which is not an appropriate time to have to “go”) but odds are, it was user error because I didn’t steep the tea long enough.

My result was amazing, I feel cleansed, more energetic, and I will definitely be using this teatox again. Here are my results, I do have to say my “permanent muffin top” has gone down a lot (stupid me for not doing a front picture). Please, if you have any questions you would like to ask, don’t hesitate, I will give my complete and honest opinion. Special thanks to skinny teatox for giving me this opportunity free of charge, and also to my followers who got me there." By: Christine Foster - you can read her full review on her blog here

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  • Ashley says...

    Hi Christine!

    I just ordered my first teatox! I wanted to know how to actually do it. Do I drink it and not eat anything or do I eat also? I wanted to see if you can email me back so we can talk?

    August 06, 2021

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