Stuck at Home? 8 Tips to Maximize Healthy Productivity

Stuck at Home? 8 Tips to Maximize Healthy Productivity

Feeling lately like your week is getting off track and you don’t seem to be getting much done? 

It's hard to stay healthy and productive when you're stuck inside. 

Maybe it’s time to make a few changes and amp up your weekly productivity. 

Here’s where you can start:

  1. Set it up – Take some time every Sunday to set yourself up for the week ahead. Use a weekly planner and schedule in everything for the upcoming week, such as appointments, work meetings, family commitments etc.  At the same time, make the appropriate appointments with yourself such as for your exercise and wellness routine.
  2. Prioritize – As part of setting up your week, decide what is a priority for the week ahead and make it happen. Put it in your planner, as detailed above, and don’t let the important things get pushed to the bottom of your list.
  3. Meal prep – This isn't just important when you're working out of the house. One of the first things that slips when you're stuck at home all the time is proper cooking and meal prep. This leads you to make unhealthy eating choices, and then feel low in energy and not end up getting much done.  Take some time on the weekend to prep some food and snacks for the week ahead and keep your eating on track.
  4. Make time for exercise – Just because you can't go to the gym, doesn't mean you shouldn't be exercising. When you're stuck at home, it's easy to become tired, irritated, stressed and lethargic. Take a minimum of 30 minutes 4 times per week to be active and you’ll see the results in all areas of your life!
  5. Make time to unplug – Set certain times in your schedule where your phone gets turned off, or where you are disconnected from email and social media. Maybe you only check your email at certain times in the day, or maybe you only check it a certain number of times; regardless, being constantly on your phone or computer is distracting and hinders productivity.
  6. Designate social time - It is important to have multiple weekly social interactions. Set aside a few times each week to Facetime or have phone calls with friends and family. Email and texting isn't always enough - it's better to see them in video and hear their voices. 
  7. Go to bed – Just like you need to unplug from the computer and phone, you need to unplug completely and get yourself into a healthy sleep routine. This means going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, and honoring your natural circadian rhythm. Don't nap all day!  Doing this will allow you to feel rested and will help decrease your stress levels.
  8. De-Stress – Stress is at the root of many health and wellness issues and it is an important part of your overall health and wellness to address. Make time each day to do activities that help reduce your stress, or to do things such as yoga and meditation.  Don’t forget the physical stress as well, making sure that if you are active, you take adequate recovery time each week. 

By: Laura Peill

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