How to Naturally Reduce Stomach Discomfort

How to Naturally Reduce Stomach Discomfort

Cramps, nausea, bloating or gas, nobody likes to have stuff going on in their gut.

And yet it is more common than you may realize.

Many of us are walking around with gut bacteria that is disrupted and out of balance, and it can lead to unwanted symptoms.

You can put them at bay with the following tricks:

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is actually a fermented food, and has so many roles in the process of improving gut function. You can consume it diluted in water if you find yourself suffering from constipation or nausea, and it is a great, natural detoxifier. Start your day with this diluted mixture and it is the perfect way to gently awaken your digestive system. If you find yourself regularly suffering from heartburn or acid reflux, a shot of apple cider vinegar is also a natural, healthy way to address this issue.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is not your best friend when it comes to fixing the gut and helping to rebalance bacteria. Sugar acts as a source of food for the bacteria in our gut that we don’t want to thrive, and meanwhile, it starves out the healthy bacteria, because they do not thrive on high sugar environments. When you reduce your sugar intake, and focus on whole foods that are rich in fibre, and as such, prebiotics, you are able to foster a healthy gut environment which allows you to be free from symptoms of stomach discomfort and pain.

Exercise and Move

In many cases, stomach discomfort is caused by poor physical digestion of food through the digestive tract. Slowly processed food, that sits too long in the digestive tract can putrefy and give off gases which can lead to bloating, stomach distension and indigestion. Furthermore, nutrients aren’t absorbed properly and eventually food particles may exit through the gut wall in leaky gut syndrome. Regular movement and exercise encourage food to move along the digestive tract and enhances overall blood flow, which is necessary for proper digestion.

Go Fermented

If you don’t already incorporate fermented foods and beverages into your diet, it is time to start. Not just kombucha, but fermented vegetables, all-natural yogurt, kimchi, Switchel, tempeh and miso are natural sources of the good bacteria that is found in fermented foods. This bacteria occurs naturally due to the symbiotic relationship that forms in the environment of the food or beverage. When you consume it, you take in these bacteria and are able to have them re-populate the balance within your gut, alleviating uncomfortable symptoms.

If you’re ready to improve your gut function, feel better mentally and physically and boost your digestion, adopting some of these natural options is the perfect place to start. You have nothing to lose, and in many cases the benefits you receive are more than just better digestive function and less acid reflux.

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH  

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