How to Add Vegetables Into Your Breakfast

How to Add Vegetables Into Your Breakfast

You wake up in the morning, kind of tired of your usual oatmeal, or green smoothie and are thinking that you would like to try something different. 

You give it some thought, coming up with a few ideas, only to think yourself, “yeah, but I can’t have that, because it’s not breakfast food!” 

You might not think of veggies as breakfast food, and instead be inclined to have fruit, but with their lower sugar and carbohydrate content, and rich nutrient profile, arguably, veggies are one of the best things you can eat to start your day. 

Turn your pre-conceived ideas of acceptable breakfast foods on their head and try these delicious ways of integrating veggies into the most important meal of the day

  • Veggie based smoothie – Typically smoothies are fruit based, containing banana, a few types of frozen fruit and then some type of nut milk or coconut water for blending. The result however is a relatively sugar high drink that while nutritious, does not maximize the nutrient potential of your drinkable meal.  Instead, start adding spinach to all of your smoothies, and throw in vegetables such as steamed cauliflower, steamed broccoli, frozen peas, mashed sweet potato and zucchini.  All of these foods lend bulk and nutrients to your smoothie, without affecting the taste!
  • Zucchini oatmeal – Instead of your typical oatmeal, made with oats and the addition of banana, almond butter and some frozen blueberries, substitute half your oats with shredded zucchini! The zucchini will behave similarly to oats when cooked, doesn’t affect the flavor of your breakfast, but lends a great addition of fiber and boosts the breakfast nutrient profile!
  • Eggs on lettuce – If you are more of the egg type when it comes to breakfast, scramble up your eggs as usual, and toss in whatever veggies you have on hand: red pepper, spinach, zucchini, tomato and green pepper all work well. After they are cooked, instead of serving them on toast, serve them in lettuce cups!  You still get the crunch and the delivery vehicle, but way fewer carbs and the health benefits of greens!
  • Savory muffins – Make your breakfast ahead by whipping up savory muffin on the weekend. While you might think of muffins as being a sweet option, loaded with blueberries in a cake like consistency and topped with a sweet crumble, savory muffins are totally a thing!  Make your muffins with spinach, zucchini and flavor with herbs and salt.  You won’t need a sweetener like sugar or maple syrup, so you’ll save those calories, plus boost the nutrients by using vegetables!
  • Mushroom sandwich – Bring in the weekend with your favorite breakfast sandwich! This weekend though, instead of using bread, place your toppings between two Portobello mushrooms!  Bake the mushrooms up in the oven, or cook in a frying pan on the stove top and then fill with your favorite things: eggs, spinach, tomato, cheese, Dijon mustard, avocado and a pinch of salt.  Place the mushroom on top and you get the sandwich experience with more health benefits and fewer carbs.  Win win.


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