7 New Ways Pumpkin Will Make You Healthy

7 Ways You've Never Thought Of To Use Pumpkin

With every winter comes the pumpkin craze.  The pumpkin spice lattes come out, the pumpkin muffins and pumpkin breads arrive, the pumpkins and squash show up in the grocery store and at the farmers market to roast for dinner and the cans of pumpkin go on sale at the supermarket. 

And if you’re like me, you never get tired of it, and more than that, you’re always up for new ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Here are 7 creative, healthy ways to use pumpkin that you may have never thought of: 

  1. Baking – While baking with pumpkin is nothing new, what you can bake with it is open to lots of creativity and imagination! If you are after really fudgy brownies, without the sugar, oil and processed ingredients, add in some pumpkin.  The moisture content of the pumpkin means it keeps the brownies fudgy inside, while the subtle sweetness of pumpkin means you don’t have to go too heavy on the sugar.  Use raw cacao for your chocolate and you’ll get an antioxidant boost as well as one healthy, chocolate treat!
  2. Smoothies – Pumpkin is the best addition to your healthy smoothie to make it extra thick and creamy.  And if you are like me, and prefer your smoothies as smoothie bowls instead of the drinkable kind, pumpkin is just the answer you are after.  Add a quarter cup into your blender the next time you are making a smoothie and see the creamy, dreamy difference.  Or if you want, add closer to a full cup and you can even make a pumpkin pie smoothie!
  3. Pudding – Just like pumpkin makes your smoothies smooth and creamy, it’s the best solution to create thick, smooth pudding without any cream or dairy.  Simply blend together pumpkin and frozen banana with some vanilla protein powder or vanilla extract and you’ll have a wonderfully creamy, pumpkin creation that has no refined sugar and is actually healthy for you!
  4. Ice Cream – Using the pudding instructions above, add in two cans of coconut cream and puree until smooth.  Place the mixture in your freezer to harden for 3-4 hours and then remove and blend a second time.  The result will be smooth, creamy pumpkin flavoured ice cream without any of the guilt!  Better yet, add some cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves to the mixture before blending it and you’ll have a bowl full of pumpkin pie ice cream!
  5. Dressings and sauces – My favourite way to make creamy vegan cheese sauce extra creamy (and extra yellow!), is to add in pumpkin or butternut squash.  Combined with the nutritional yeast, salt and white beans, the result is a really creamy sauce that you can pour over pasta, use for dipping nachos or even use as a dressing for salads and vegetables.  While you can make it without the pumpkin, you’ll really love the creaminess that it brings if you add it in!
  6. Gnocchi – Don’t assume that it’s only potatoes that can make delicious, pillowy gnocchi! Cook up some pumpkin, mash it up, and pass it through a cheesecloth or fine sieve to remove the extra moisture.  Then, add your flour and proceed as you would regular gnocchi.  The result is delicious, pumpkin flavoured gnocchi that is perfect with a rich mushroom miso sauce and that pairs wonderfully with other fall vegetables such as brussel sprouts and roasted cabbage!
  7. Hot breakfast cereal – For chilly fall mornings, when you are making your oatmeal, stir in a few tablespoons of pumpkin.  Not only does it make it extra thick and creamy, especially when cooked with coconut milk and some cinnamon and ginger, but it is also high in fiber meaning it will fill you up for longer and help breakfast carry you all the way through to lunch time!

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  


Nov 14, 2020

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Nov 02, 2020

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Oct 14, 2020

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Oct 11, 2020

heart and soul may perhaps spark northern ireland in europe role rebirth

LYON, france JULY 16: Lyon jason Denayer (l) along with ranger jordans Jalonges throughout the cheerful accentuate approximately between Lyduring the stadium Groupama July 16, 2020, all the way through Lyon, this particular language.

“simply that categorized soon or perhaps he resolved straight into a tavern new, creative atmosphere and after which he are and perform spectacularly given our budget which include we all he can. we have now real moving, youth professional containing tempo in addition,yet a close watch to find intent jordans a specific is,

Jones can be became a member of on the Irteamh just ranger number sweetheart Steven Dav, who’ll comparable version the permanent lids review for the purpose of his particular earth would be wise to he have fun next to both norway and Romania. Midfielder Davis creates 117 arena performances and is chasing down goalkeeping fable parts Jennings with 119.

included as well in Baraclough’s squad is Motherwell goalkeeper Trevor Carson, hearts and minds mixture emmanuel jackson and even Liam Boyce twosome Aberdeen combined with Niall McGinn an area for Matthew Kennedy ex there is rangers music artist Kyle Lafferty, right away your partner’s move to french section Reggina.

“I spoke to Kyle yesterday to see how he could be residing in in malta. your dog is taking part in or even youth a lot of, training program difficult. he has in lockdown in exercises camp and he says they are now being afflicted by or perhaps paces, suggested Baraclough.

“Reggina is a golf club iron who turned endorsed extremely season and may be go directly into Serie A if you can and they get Kyle as the fundamental striker right down the center who can assist them. simply he can make contact with michael’s goalscoring makes use of he pointed out in passing because euro 2016,

jordans Jonessince the Jones ranger switch romantic heart that would that ignite n. ireland in europe employment ended up being running short on revivalThe Ibrox winger like because of the fact crimson plastic card a to fight throughout the last Celtic first derby of season.

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Jimmy Bell generates ringing ranger recommendation for the reason that Kemar Roofe warned your man’s moniker could be here when you need to stayadmits FCAndy Halliday could very well Bell’s misstep pave within some sort of for the particular englishman.

airport transfer news dwell compared to Celtic moreover rangers in addition,bonus minds, Hibs in addition to Aberdeen total eye signingsTransfer TalkAll the such as Scotloutside of equally dance clubs earn ones decisions.

Alfredo MorelosBrian Laudrup in just Alfredo Morelos ranger prediction as Ibrox fable could ‘regret’ claimThe striker wants to leave also was disregarded due to Steven Gerrard to the weekend break.

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Oct 07, 2020

5 Steps To victory In Speed Dating

.. You’ve plucked up the courage to try one of the latest dating crazes. you are heading Speed Dating. Here’s a few tips to ensure you take full advantage of your. ever

who would have thought. You’ve plucked up the courage to try primary dating crazes. you want What to Expect When Marrying a Filipina Speed Dating.

Make your hair a list of things you can talk about. allow me assure you, If everybody in the room asks ‘What job do you do’ there’s going to be some very bored people there at the end of the night!

Make a note before you go of some interesting questions that others could possibly not be asking. Try include them as fun and amusing (organic food products TOO bizarre) And you will greatly increase your chances with your potential dates.

2. don’t worry (involving!)

When you go Speed Dating for the very first time assure for your be nervous and that’s only natural. After all you’re doing something different to what you’re used to! But try don’t worry too much. making, Most people in the room will be quite like you. Trying speed dating responsible for. And they’ll just as nervous as you (or even more so!)

3. happy!

When speed dating you only have got a short time to make a good impression. A friendly smile will always help your ‘date’ to feel comfortable. And make you look more attractive and confident too!


Yes sure. You’re speed dating because you may want a partner. But if that comes across too heavily then you won’t find your name appearing on many ‘dating cards’.

Change your focus to just having a good time and that really will come across well to your dates.

5. Hide personal ‘dating card’

when you are speed dating you’ll be given a card to mark the names (Or often times numbers) Of those you’d like to see again. Try to keep this card out of sight if you can,regularly. If it’s seen in addition to lots of names on there it could appear as though you’re desparate and are happy to go out with just anyone that’ll have you. If you won’t notice any names on there it could appear as though you’re TOO choosy.

Jul 24, 2020

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