6 Great Ways to Boost Your Positivity

6 Great Ways to Boost Your Positivity

Sometimes we get stuck in our own head and start believing all the negative chatter we hear. 

We believe it when the voice in our mind tells us we are not looking good today or didn’t do anything good today.

We let it talk us down and convince us we are lazy or not good enough or that those negative vibes we are holding onto are a reflection of our true self.

Hint: they’re not.

In fact, none of it is true.

Get your positive vibes flowing by trying one of these 6 great strategies:

Pay a Compliment

If you want to feel more positive about yourself, try exuding positivity and giving it off to someone else. When you start talking positivity to others, by giving them a compliment, or offering encouraging words, your mind starts to think more positively. When it does, you can take advantage of that and pay more positive compliments to yourself as well.

Go Outside

Fresh air, sunshine and simply being out in nature can do wonders to shift your perspective and help you see things from a better point of view. Sometimes it just takes that change in scenery – away from the office, kids, home – to shake us out of our negative slump and support our track to positivity instead.

Phone a Friend

When you can’t pull a positive attitude by yourself, ask someone to help you! Phone up a friend or family member who you know always makes you happy and feel better and just start chatting. You don’t have to have a reason to call, or tell them that you are in a slump, just hearing their voice and commiserating on your shared daily struggles and wins is often enough to bring you up.


If your negativity is fuelled by an overloaded brain that has left you overwhelmed and only able to see the bad in everything, try unloading it. Grab some paper and a pen and journal, rant, make a list of things you have to do or dates you need to remember that are taking up space.  Sometimes our inability to shift things to a positive perspective is because our brain is too full to take on more thoughts or to process a shift.

Start Laughing

Even better if you have someone to laugh with, but numerous studies show the benefits of laughing, whether solo, in a group or with a friend. Whether you initiate it by finding funny YouTube videos, laugh at old images of yourself on your phone, or just spontaneously start to giggle, laughing therapy may be the best path to positivity you haven’t found yet.

Start Running

Put on your running shoes, head outside, and just start running. Out in the fresh air, heart pumping, breath intensifying, you will soon have a rush of adrenaline and endorphins that flood your mind, releasing lots of feel good chemicals.  You’ll finish feeling like you can conquer anything, that your problems weren’t as big as they were when you started and that everything looks a little biter rosier.  Or worst case, you’ll be painfully out of breath and still getting a reminder of how truly alive you are.

Ready to get those positive vibes on? Because we are!

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH –  Viand Nutrition

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