6 Easy Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

6 Easy Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

Having a hard time getting your veggies and greens? 

Think that the only way to make it happen is by eating salad . . . at every meal?

Think again!

In fact, it may be easier than you realize to sneak in a few daily doses of greens, in many cases, without even tasting them!

Try out one of each of these options for the next 10 days and then start employing your favourite method as part of your regular routine:

  • Smoothie – you’ve heard of the infamous green smoothie, but here’s a little secret: you can sneak greens into every smoothie you make, whether it’s meant to be a green one or not! Simply throw a handful of spinach into the blender when you blitz up all your other ingredients and it will blend right in.  Not to mention you’ll get a boost of antioxidants, fiber and magnesium, without even tasting it!
  • Dips and spreads – Make your own spreads and dips, and add in greens. You can make things such as hummus, pesto, or any other bean-based dip into a vibrant green delight just by adding in a handful of spinach as you blend it up!  Herbs such as cilantro and basil go well with greens and make the dip delicious and fresh tasting. 
  • Juice – You might not be a huge fan of green juice, but you can still add greens to your juice! From now on, whenever you make your juice at home, add in a handful of greens, or ask at your local juicer if they would mind doing the same.  While you won’t get the fiber boost you would if you consumed the greens whole, you will still get a healthy dose of antioxidants, and of course heaps of vitamins and minerals!
  • Wraps and buns – Even if you aren’t gluten free, or typically enjoy having your burger or sandwich in a bun or wrap respectively, every once in a while, switch it up for some green! Cos lettuce works well as a lettuce cup for stuffing, while chard and nori make great wraps for holding lots of healthy ingredients.  Bonus, add greens inside and get a double dose!
  • Sauces – Spaghetti sauce, Bolognese, mac and cheese sauce and stir fry sauces are all great places to sneak in some greens. Because these options are cooked, you can add a couple handfuls of greens and have them shrink down drastically so that you can hardly tell they are there! You’ll still get a nutrient boost, and an extra dose of fiber. 
  • Pasta – The next time you cook up a pot of pasta and toss it with your favorite sauce, toss it with some greens as well! Adding the greens in as you toss it all around will lightly cook the greens, and allow them to be dispersed throughout the dish so that you will hardly even know they are there. While spinach works well, get creative and try things such as rocket, baby beet greens, watercress or mixed salad greens!

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