Nov 04, 2021

i like coffee, drink it everyday

Nov 02, 2021

For $1000 Starbucks gift card, I would treat my family out whenever we go to Starbucks. This would lessen the load on the financial things that my mom has to pay. I would be able to provide quality coffee despite a tight budget. I would love to make my family happy in this way!

Nadelyn Lim
Nov 02, 2021

I love Starbucks! I’m from a small town where there is no Starbucks near by. This be a great reason to travel. ?

Taylor Roberts
Nov 02, 2021

I would share it with my friends.

Nov 02, 2021

I’d like to share the products I could buy with this money to help people who REALLY need it. I’ve been seeing lots of poverty in my city recently and maybe they don’t even have money to eat a single meal some days. I try to help but it’s difficult if you have to give money to every single homeless you see… I’d feel really blessed if I received this price. Poverty and hunger are REAL problems and “accommodated” people like most people posting in here have two options, try to help as much as we can, or turn our heads and look the other way.
Thank you so much for reading!!!! ???

Nov 02, 2021

Enjoy it Aimee! Great win!

cheryl green
Nov 02, 2021

I love their passion fruit tea, everyday would have it

Nov 02, 2021

Congrats Aimee

Nov 02, 2021

Aimee L is one lucky girl! Would love to have won! I love Starbucks, just can’t afford it.

Nov 01, 2021

I would study at Starbucks everyday as I love the living room atmosphere, music, and great lighting!

Lorena Grande

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