4 Ways to Naturally Improve Hormone Levels

4 Ways to Naturally Improve Hormone Levels

Your hormones play a role in so many aspects of your life that you may not even realize how often they are at work!

Governing everything from your mood to your happiness and how you feel; impacting your regular daily functions, reproduction and digestion, and even dictating when you sleep, they certainly are an area of your health and wellness that deserves your attention, and more than that need to be in tip top shape. 

For many of us though, that’s not the case. 

Whether you find yourself regularly down and blue, feel low in energy and lethargic, or you are like several women who suffer from skin breakouts and irregular cycles, your hormones may be more out of whack than you think. 

Before you go see the doc though, try these natural methods of getting things back on track:

  • Overhaul your eating – Excess sugar, not enough healthy fats and a low fiber diet all play a role in negatively impacting hormone health. Sugar robs the body of nutrients necessary for proper health and functioning, stealing vitamins and minerals to facilitate metabolism when it is consumed.  Fiber is a necessary plant material which helps bind toxins and excess hormones to remove them from the body.  If the hormones are out of balance, it could be due to levels being too high, or too low, and having fiber to help remove those occurring in excess is an important step.  Finally, hormones are made from fat.  Without enough healthy and essential fats in the body, hormone synthesis does not occur properly and there may not be enough made for the body to use as needed. 
  • Add some maca – Maca is a natural superfood, which occurs from the roots of trees in the Andes Mountains. It has been shown to have incredibly beneficial properties in the endocrine system – the system that controls your hormones.   The endocrine system is made up of a series of glands, which release hormones as per signals within the body.  Maca contains nutrients, which directly fuel the glands of the endocrine system, and help improve endocrine health to boost hormone function.
  • Ditch the stress – Our body is very smart and intuitive, and in times of stress, it is very selective as to where it sends energy. This means, that if it senses that we are stressed, it doesn’t send energy to the areas of the body that wouldn’t need to be optimally functioning in stressful situations (think digestion, reproduction and several other hormone influenced daily functioning).  To combat this and re-activate the hormones and systems, we need to reduce our stress level so that the body will turn these systems back on again!
  • Inhale exercise – Get moving! The hormones are influenced by brain activity, which tells them what to do (or not do), and when to do it. And exercise is a great way to boost your brain function!  The increase in heart rate, blood circulation and oxygen, physical movement of the body and increased speed of function are all exercise for the brain at the same time that you are exercising physically.  A healthy brain, with healthy cognitive functioning encourages better hormone function.  Not to mention, exercise has been shown to increase function and release of endorphins, the feel good hormones in our body!


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