4 Tips for Creating a More Productive Office Space

4 Tips for Creating a More Productive Office Space

For many of us, the start of a new year marks the time when we commit to breaking bad habits and start to focus on productive changes we want to make in our day to day life.

While many people focus on health and weight loss, for some, their attention turns to their career, time management and productivity.

And for those things, you need a space that lets you be at your best.

Here’s how to do it:

Make it Sacred

Your office space isn’t the kids’ playroom or the fitness room or the bedroom. It’s not where you sit and argue with your partner or eat and watch movies. If you have a space that is specifically for working, and getting s#@t done, when you are in there your mind will switch to working mode and associate that space with where you buckle down and get busy.

Keep it Clean

In addition to reserving a work space specifically for work, make it a clean and desirable place to be. Keeping your desk in order and putting things away where they belong, including papers, books and stationary will allow you to work more effectively. When you have excess clutter and a crowded space, this will also make you feel cluttered in your mind and less able to be productive in the space due to your mind being distracted.

Cut Distractions

Speaking of distractions, set up a space that is as distraction free as possible. If you are easily distracted by things happening out through the window, get curtains or a blind. If you tend to be distracted by your computer or phone, have a no-phone policy in the office and make it so that you have to get up and leave your working space to check your phone. If the distraction tends to come from other people in your household enforce a closed-door policy: when you are doing your deepest work that requires full concentration, close the door, letting family members know that this indicates it is not a good time to enter.

Find Your Inspiration

Finally, set your office space up to be inspiring, motivating and a generally happy place that you want to spend time in. You can add plants for the green vibrancy  or motivational posters, signs and quotes. If you are motivated by certain people, such as your partner or children, create a collage or photo wall which features these people. Other people find their productivity increases when they have post-its with positive mantras or encouraging words. Stick them where you see them, saying things like “you’ve got this,” or “remember how awesome you are.”

Whether you’re setting up a new office this year, or just ready to make the most of the office space you already have, optimizing it for productivity can easily be achieved with a few simple changes. What is your go to office space tip for increasing productivity?

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH  

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