4 Things to Learn From Your Food Cravings

4 Things to Learn From Your Food Cravings

While it's normal to crave certain foods every now and then, if you notice that you crave the same foods over and over or only certain types of foods will satisfy you, there may be something bigger at play.

Look at the cravings below and see if you can relate and then learn what to do about it: 

Craving salty?

One of the main reasons you may be craving salt originates with stress. If you are particularly stressed, especially if it has been long term, your adrenal glands may be suffering. Your adrenals are responsible for controlling the stress response, but they also work closely with others systems of your body in regulating your aldosterone levels. Aldosterone is responsible for helping regulate your salt and water ratio. If this ratio is out of balance, you may be craving salt as your body naturally seeks to bring your fluid levels back in balance. Fix the problem by drinking more water and consuming magnesium rich foods such as kale, raw cacao, sweet potato and broccoli.

Craving sweet?

Sweet cravings are likely as a result of regularly eating sweet foods. When you eat lots of sugary foods you perpetuate the sugar cycle in your body. This is where you eat sugar, your blood sugar spikes as a result, and then shortly after falls. Once it falls, your body craves sugar in order to help send your blood sugar up again. Constantly giving in to the cycle only makes it worse. Instead, break yourself out of the cycle by decreasing your overall sugar intake. Drink plenty of water and ensure you eat regularly to still keep a regular blood sugar level, just not spiking your sugars!

Craving carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the body's most accessible source of fuel and provide the most energy to expend in return for energy used to extract. They are also the only source of fuel for the brain. As such, you are likely to be craving carbohydrates if you have restricted your food intake and your body is calorie (and therefore energy) deprived. You will also crave carbohydrates when you have low blood sugar as this is the most efficient source of fuel to quickly increase your blood sugar levels. Eat regularly and fill up on balanced meals and snacks to reduce your carbohydrate cravings.

Craving frozen or cold?

If you find yourself just wanting ice cream, cold, refreshing beverages or frozen treats, it may be that you aren't actually hungry at all. Rather you are thirsty and dehydrated! If your body isn't getting enough water via water itself, it will crave things that have a high water content. Frozen foods, ice, cold beverages, or even cold foods can all be part of this craving sequence. Combat it by hydrating. Drink lots of water regularly throughout the day and aim to consume a total of 2-3 liters, especially if you have been experiencing regular issues of dehydration.

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