4 Signs You May Have Lost Too Much Weight

4 Signs You May Have Lost Too Much Weight

The allure of reaching weight loss goals, seeing that number on the scale dropping down, and feeling that sense of success and accomplishment as you reach your goals makes the weight loss path one that you might easily get on and not want to get off. 

The truth is though, that despite reaching your goals, it is possible to lose too much weight and to get too caught up in continually pressing for your goals. 

Our weight has a set point, where it is meant to be. This is the place where you can live your life, eating healthy food regularly, exercising regularly and feeling overall energized and happy, without having to consciously be restricting or increasing your caloric intake. 

Your body knows where this is and will fight against it if you take it below this, continually dropping pounds. 

Have you gone too far down the weight loss path?  Here’s how you can tell:

  1. You are always tired – Fatigue, lethargy, low energy and feeling constantly tired are all indicators of being underweight.  This may also appear as feeling weak or struggling to perform day-to-day tasks such as the laundry, cleaning, walking up and down the stairs and doing daily tasks around the house.  However it appears, it is an indicator that your weight level is too low for your body to be able to generate the amount of energy you require for daily functioning.  Increase your caloric intake so that more energy is available for use. 
  2. You are always cold  - The body is responsible or regulating its own internal temperature, a process known as thermogenesis.  In order to do this, it uses calories to generate heat to warm the body up, or to help us sweat and cool the body down.  If we are calorically deficient however, the body does not have the energy it needs to do this, resulting in us always being cold.  Furthermore, we also are kept warm by insulation within our body, which comes from fat.  When you have lower fat levels, you have less insulation and are more prone to getting cold.
  3. You have brittle nails – Nails and hair require vitamins and minerals just like all other aspects of our body.  Specifically, they need Vitamin K, iron, zinc and B vitamins, as well as and a source of healthy fat, and are made up of the protein keratin.  This means, that if you are not getting enough of said nutrients or you have a diet that is deficient in protein, you may notice the affects appearing as more hair in your drain after a shower, or your nails breaking all the time!
  4. You have increased irritability – Even those people who are “always happy,” and “always in a good mood,” get irritated!  This increased level of irritability and mood swings is due to low blood sugar levels.  Your body needs adequate blood sugar to help the brain function and brain function controls the hormones, which affect mood.  If you seem to be struggling to regulate your mood or are finding yourself more irritable than usual, low weight or low caloric intake may be to blame.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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