4 Daily Tasks To Make Part of Your Exercise Routine

4 Daily Tasks To Make Part of Your Exercise Routine

You probably already know about the importance of exercise and that it is something you should try to incorporate into your regular routine. But If you are like many people, with a busy schedule, family or child demands, career, and a social calendar, it may seem like the last thing you can do is fit in something else! The good news is, that with some conscious effort you can turn daily tasks – that you may already be doing – into daily exercise. Here’s how!


Nobody likes cleaning, so why not get it done as fast as you can, and make it count towards your exercise. Things such as vacuuming, sweeping, washing windows and picking up items around the house all require physical effort. To take them up a notch, add an element of challenge, such as seeing how fast you can complete the vacuuming, or sweeping more than just one area of the floor. If you are tasked with picking up items around the house, bend down every time you need to pick one up, and turn it into a squat session. Or load up the items and turn it into a weight-lifting session. Before you know it, the cleaning will be done, and you’ll have worked up a sweat!

Walking to Work

Because driving or taking public transit is often more convenient, we forget about the option of walking to work or walking part of the way to work. Consider parking away from your office building and walking for 10 minutes before you start your day, or take a twenty-minute walk twice during the day. In addition to acting as exercise, the change in environment and movement will also increase your creativity and improve your state of mind, making it more productive for when you return to work.


If you love being outside, gardening is a great activity that becomes a great exercise opportunity. From the up and down movement, to the lifting of rocks and soil, to pushing wheelbarrows and pulling weeds, there are lots of aspects of being in the garden that you can capitalize on to make into your daily exercise. In fact, simply committing to one hour of gardening, will give you results, and you won’t need to change much other than do your regular get-your-hands-dirty activities.


While nobody likes moving, instead of thinking of it negatively, put a positive spin on it, and think of it as your exercise session. From lifting and carrying items to all the walking in and out of the house, to going up and down stairs, there is no shortage of activity when you are tasked with moving house. Don’t plan to move any time soon? Offer to help out a friend or relative in their move – you’ll get your exercise and they will likely be more than welcoming to have an extra set of productive hands. 

While carving out and committing to a time to exercise is important, sometimes it is hard to make it happen every day. Instead rely on some simple daily tasks to help you out!

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH  

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