3 Yoga Poses Easy to do at Work or School to Help Your Posture

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter) 

Sitting at a desk every day from 9 to 5 can become very tiring and cramped. It’s been proven that sitting at a desk for so many hours is unhealthy – it causes bad posture, stiff muscles, and more. Current studies are also showing that long periods of sitting can lead to obesity and cause other high-risk diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular issues!

Not only is that enough to stress you out while at work, but the actual work you’re doing at times can also cause high amounts of stress. The side effects that come along with stress are not healthy, so overall, our health is at risk the more we put our body through this.

There are ways around that. If you don’t feel comfortable doing yoga at your desk, at least set aside 15 minutes to do other movements – like walking, stretching, or other little things to get your body active.

Below are three yoga poses that can help with your posture and are perfect for squeezing in at work to get that daily dose of movement we all need. 

Seated Cat-Cow

This is perfect for stretching the spine and other muscles in the area. It’s a great way to get the joints working, and allows you to work on your breathing too. Sit at the front of your seat, placing your hands on your knees. On an inhale, lift your chest while tilting your chin upward slightly. On the exhale, round your back and gently let your head release. Repeat this up to five breaths.

Forward Fold

Obviously breaking into a handstand, or plow pose, would be a bit outrageous at the office. To avoid having all eyes on you in a bizarre way, try doing a forward fold. This pose is perfect for stretching out the hamstrings, and back. Make sure to fold at the hips and to keep your knees soft. Let your head hang, and you can grab your shoulders and sway side to side if you like. Hold this for roughly 20 seconds. 

Seated Twist

The most subtle and relaxing pose to do at the office, a seated twist is sure to help stretch the back and open your chest. Make sure to sit in your chair straight and tall, as if someone is holding you up by a string. Take an inhale and the on the exhale, twist to one side, grabbing your armrest. Hold for a couple breaths and then twist to the other side. With each inhale you take while twisting, feel your back lengthen, and with every exhale, gently go deeper into the stretch.

There are many other subtle poses you can do while at work. If you’re interested in following along with a video to make sure you’re flowing properly and doing the right technique, Yoga with Adriene offers a great video for doing yoga at the desk. Don’t allow yourself to become trapped by your desk. You can easily squeeze in a few of these poses, plus more, without being a distraction.

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