Aug 13, 2021

As a former professional dancer my health has always been important, but in the last year my life has taken a turn and so has my health. I am needing to get back on track but cannot afford to buy these sorts of things, I hope I win so I can start off on thecriht foot!

Aug 13, 2021

Skinny teatox has been my favorite discovery on my journey this year. After my husband left in January, I was alone…fat and miserable. I set out to be a new.and improved me. Pre Divorce weight: 247lbs Current weight: 189 (Last 4 lbs thanks to a 14 day teatox!) To reach my goals, skinny teatox is just the boost I need!

Felicia G
Aug 12, 2021

My goal is to get my weight down by january!! I want to weigh 120 and i need to loose 15 pounds to do so!! This will help a lot!! Hope i win!

Aug 12, 2021

I love contests and the chance to win something! I’ve restarted my weight loss/fitness journey and would love to win the chance for a free teatox!

Aug 12, 2021

Can’t wait to try this, seems like a great way to start off a good health kick!

Kirsten V
Aug 12, 2021

I went on the 28 day teatox with little expectations, because of the reviews I had read about it not really working. Within the first 3 days, my bloating had considerably gone down and was almost non-existent. Within 1 week, I had dropped a few pounds. And within the 28 days, I had never felt so healthy before. My skin was clear and soft, and my tummy looked wonderful. It’s been awhile since my teatox, and I’d really like to win to get back that feeling again!

Cassandra Adams
Aug 12, 2021

I would love to try skinny teatox. I have started my weight loss journey a year ago and have lost 40 lbs so far and would love to add this to ny weight loss plan.

Aug 12, 2021

I’d like to wn this contest to help me continue on my journey to a healthy, fit life. For as long as i can remember, ive always struggled with weight issues. Though it is true that all shapes and sizes are beautiful, i never truly saw myself that way because i was bullied. Well, i started going to the gym, and i lost some weight. I decided i wanted to lose more. I was given a prom dress that i must wear in june. It is very sexy and form fitting. I cannot wear a girdle to cover up because the dress has a low cut back. If i were to win, it would help me gain the confidence and to rock this new slim bod in that dress.weight loss is a journey. But i need help with this kickstart to keep onward with this. If there is one who wins this other than myself, i will be glad for them, however i would really like to win this :)

Katherine Pena
Aug 12, 2021

I love tea and would LOVE a free 14 day Skinny Teatox package!! I have one in the mail now! Can’t wait to try it!

Madison King
Aug 12, 2021

Love this product!!! Cant wait to continue to use it and see results!

Katherine Zaldivar

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