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8 Benefits of Losing Weight With a Teatox

Okay, there are probably more than just 8 benefits to losing weight. But these are some solid reasons in case you don't have your own reasons. Now please keep in mind losing weight isn't nearly as important as getting healthy and fit. So as we always say, don't focus on "getting skinny" - your focus should be "get healthy, feel good and be happy!"

1. Happiness

Life is simply more fun and comfortable when you're happy in your own skin. 

2. Better Sleep

It's a proven fact that healthy people have better sleeps (and snore less).

3. More Control

Just by keeping track of your diet and fitness will help you feel more organized and in control of your decisions and life. 

4. Increased Focus

Non-obese people score better in memory tests and are proven to have better focus than unhealthy people. 

5. Easier Exercise

When you're in better shape it's easier to stay in shape! Working out is much easier when you're fit. 

6. More Confidence

This one is obvious. When you look good and feel good you're a more confident person. 

7. Better Fashion

It's a sad truth - but designers make fashion for smaller sizes. 


When you're at a healthy weight you enjoy much higher energy levels! 

Have you tried a teatox yet? Check out our 14 Day Teatox and see how it can change your life. 


Mar 27, 2015

I’ll look better at my cousins wedding
If I lose some weight!??

Sep 08, 2014

Y a t’il un moyen de me faire envoyer le thé en Suisse ?

Claire Ballaman

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