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Emily Lost 13 Lbs While Doing a 28 Day Teatox

"I started the 28 Day Teatox a month ago at 185 lbs. I'm now about 172 and still working my way down. I went from hating the taste of both of the teas to craving them. First thing I do every morning and make myself a breakfast smoothie and my breakfast tea. The tea keeps me full for a good portion of the day, and gives me a burst of energy. I found myself cleaning everything, taking the dog out for runs every morning, and exercising with this tea. When I never had the energy to before. 
I will definitely keep buying this tea." - By: Emily Nicole via Facebook
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"My friends noticed that I looked thinner (it was a great feeling!) and I just feel better about myself"

"I'm pretty sure everyone is skeptical when they see things like teas and pills online promoting things like weight loss and speeding metabolisms and such, and I was a part of that group as well. After thinking about it for weeks I decided to just take a chance and try it out, I mean it would just get a nice tea for a few days! I have always been self-cautious about my body and have tried and tried to work out and eat healthy and never stuck to it. I'm a food junkie! I can't help it. But the teatox gave me motivation I had never gotten before to count my calorie intake and eat healthy even if it was only for two weeks! I don't know how much weight I lost since I didn't have the chance to weigh myself but my friends noticed that I looked thinner (it was a great feeling!) and I just feel better about myself even though I might not have the best body out there. And another thing that I should is that I absolutely DISLIKE tea, but this tea was so easy to drink and I see everyone saying that the evening tea wasn't that good but it was my favourite from the two oddly enough ahah! All in all, this product definitely works, is very affordable and I would recommend it to EVERYONE. I know 4 of my friends that will be purchasing it as well and I will most definitely be purchasing the 28 day teatox in a few weeks and I can't wait!! (Also, I was kinda bad and snacked on some junk food here and there and I think my results were still fantastic,  I'm so happy with this product!)" By: Jasmin N via email submission


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"I ordered Skinny Teatox and I saw results in only a week and a half"

Here are my before & after pictures, I am soooo happy about them! :) When I first heard about Skinny Teatox I was very skeptical. I never thought it would work for me! Then a friend of mine posted her before and after pictures and it gave me hope. I ordered it and I saw results in only a week and a half! Without much time for exercise, I cleaned up my diet and I feel so much better. I'm definitely ready for another round! I wish I would have gotten the strawberry tea filter for my morning tea, it would have made making tea before work a million times easier. Hopefully I can get that this next time around! By: Alyssa via Twitter
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"I didn't purchase it for weight loss reasons, although I did end up losing a couple pounds!"

"I purchased the 14 day skinny teatox and was super happy with my results! I didn't purchase it for weightloss reasons, although I did end up losing a couple pounds! I used to feel very bloated and would have an energy crash everyday during the afternoon. The morning tea left me energized throughout the entire day, and I noticed my bloating reduced. As well, both teas tasted amazing! I definitely want to order the 28 day teatox next!

Thanks for an awesome product! I already recommended it to one of my friends who purchased the 14-day teatox and plan on telling more!" By: Monica P via Instagram

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