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Maddie Before and After Skinny Teatox

"I had the opportunity to purchase the 14 day 
Skinny Teatox, and nobody did I fall in love with it!
It's made me look/feel better about my body and I also
plan on purchasing the 28 day Skinny Teatox ASAP."
By: Madalyn
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Jeanette's Before & After Pictures

"I love Skinny Teatox! It's helped with my energy! Bloating and flat tummy! Can't wait to reorder."

By: Jeanette Morales



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Savannah Lost 12 Lbs During her Teatox

"Holy Throwback! I love skinny me tea! It tastes so good! And with the eating plan in hand I lost 12 pounds!"

By: Savannah 

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Chrsita Before & After a 14 Day Cleanse

"Really loved how Skinny Teatox cleaned me out! My stomach feels less bloated as well. I'd definitely do it again :)"

By: Christa Hawkins 

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Before & After 14 Day Teatox

"Before and after the 14 day detox!! I feel way less bloated and a lot more energized! defiantly ordering more."

By: Anonymous

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Kendall's Awesome 'After Skinny Teatox' Pics

"I love skinny teatox because it allowed me to feel good about myself again. In my before picture, I felt bloated, heavy, and insecure. After skinny teatox, I felt light, healthy, and great about myself."

By: Kendall (follow her on Instagram)


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Morgan Wright Before & After 14 Day Teatox (pics)

"I would just like to say thank you for such a great experience. I did the 14 day teatox and I am SO impressed with my results, not only do I feel better, but I also have had a noticeable visible change with my body! I have been telling all my friends and family about it and cannot wait to do it again!!! Thank you again so much for such a great product that truely does work and is a great motivator to eat cleaner and live a healthier lifestyle! Also, your social media posts are a great way to stay motivated as well! 
Your loyal customer,
Morgan B Wright "
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Gina Lost Lots of Weight & Looks Great After a 28 Day Teatox!

"So on instagram I was seeing countless fitness people rave about this product and so I decided to try it myself. I have been very up and down on my weight loss journey and this tea was the perfect kick starter! It gave me energy in the morning and motivation to eat right and workout. I noticed the big change in the cut of water weight and bloating! In the picture you can see all the weight on my lower half and then it's gone. I love your product"

By: Gina Kolb (Instagram)

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Jessica Ankrom Before & After 14 Day Skinny Teatox

"THANK YOU skinny teatox for helping me bust my belly bloat in time for Bermuda!!"

By: Jessica Ankrom (Twitter)

Day 1

Day 14



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Firly Lost 7 Lbs and Looks Like a Whole New Person!!

"I love you're tea it truly works! I purchased your 14 day teatox and lost 7lbs! This tea is amazing! I feel full faster and it gives me energy to get through the day. Most importantly I feel better, not just on the inside but I also feel better about how I look."

By: Firly Tinungki 

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