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Firly Lost 7 Lbs and Looks Like a Whole New Person!!

"I love you're tea it truly works! I purchased your 14 day teatox and lost 7lbs! This tea is amazing! I feel full faster and it gives me energy to get through the day. Most importantly I feel better, not just on the inside but I also feel better about how I look."

By: Firly Tinungki 

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Julia Gigliotti Pre and Post Skinny Teatox Pictures


"I love skinny teatox because it makes me feel fresh & clean!"

By: Julia Gigliotti (Twitter)

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Brooke Martin

"I am posting this before and after picture of the last time I took a 14 day skinny teatox. My friend had bought it for me as a gift and I had absolutely loved it. I felt energized, happy and felt generally good about the skin I was in!"

 By: Brooke Martin, AKA Instafit on Instagram

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Marissa Vox Has Already Lost 28 Lbs

"I LOVE skinny teatox because of how easy it made it to lose weight and feel energized. I've already lost 28 lbs and still counting!"

By: Marissa Voss (Facebook)



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Rhianna Lost 8 Lbs Using Skinny Teatox

"I lost  8lbs of fat  and gained muscle using the 14 day teatox. I loved the skinny teatox it jump started my weight loss and helped me lean out. I can't wait to start it again next month!"

By: Rhianna Schoon (Instagram)

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Rachel Griffin on Skinny Teatox 28 Day Detox

"I used the 28 day teatox and it was great! It was the extra boost I needed to help push past the workout zone where nothing happens! It was so helpful with bloating as well!"

By: Rachel Griffin (Instagram)

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Katie Cyr Lost 3 Lbs in 4 Days During her Skinny Teatox

"I've only been on the teatox 4 days since receiving the kit- but already I've lost 3 lbs! I love it! It's tasty, easy to use, and it's nice to have a comforting cup of tea in the mornings and before bed.  I'm already feeling more confident and motivated to eat healthier! The first photo with the pink shorts is before, the second is 3 days later (today!) 11 more days to go!"

By: Katie Cyr (on Instagram & on Twitter)



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Before & After Testimonial: Amanda C.V. Benites

"Here's my before and after the 14 day teatox. You can't get results this easy and this fast any other way!"

By: Amanda Benites (Twitter)

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Michelle Rose: Before And After 14 Day Skinny Teatox

"I did the 14 day skinny teatox and the energy I got from it, still blows my mind. I never felt bloated once- what a great feeling. Love your product."

By: Michelle Rose (Facebook)

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Vivian Liu After 14 Day Teatox

"This was my before and after with the 14-Day teatox! Happy with my results even though they're not as drastic as others! The cleanse was so satisfying and motivated me to not put junk into my body! The teas are delicious and were always a great start to my day!"

By: Vivian Liu

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