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Megan Lost 10 Pounds*

"I absolutely LOVE skinny teatox because it helped me get over a hump! I hit such a rut in my weight loss and not only did I shed the last 10 pounds, I felt healthier than ever!" Submitted by Megan Meadows via email 

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Nov 09, 2021

the only thing megan lost is the control over her door in the background! funny how its curving out of her body. lmao teatox my ass. you people only buy this shit because kylie jenner sent you here

Nov 09, 2021

I think this picture should be taken down, because this absolutely doesn’t represent what “Teatox” is about, and it honestly makes you guys look bad. She obviously used the site picmonkey to morph herself to make it look like she was bigger than she really was, when in fact, it’s the same picture, but in different instances. All these others girl also hunching their backs, and pushing out their stomachs in one photos; only for the next photo of them to be sucking it in. Can’t trust photos anymore nowadays. Try videos next time.

Sep 23, 2021

You can see the door behind her curve in the before picture….

Sep 23, 2021

Here’s another girl sucking in her guy in her after pic and pushing it out in her before! Notice how they have to turn their arm to suck in so it makes them look more slim! Some pics look real but some(this one) are just straight up lies!! I would never try this based on these ladies! I’d be wasting my time… I won’t believe this until I try it myself


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