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Why Meal Prepping May be the Answer to Your Weight Loss Goals

Why Meal Prepping May be the Answer to Your Weight Loss Goals

If you have been on or are starting on a weight loss journey, you have likely heard of the benefits of meal prepping: saves you time, prevents you from eating take out, and helps you make sure you have healthy, balanced meals. 

But there’s more than just that.

In fact, the additional benefits may mean meal prepping can be the difference between reaching your weight loss goal, or having it fall to the wayside.

Consider these additional advantages to adopting a regular meal prepping routine.

1. Forces you to Portion

In order to have enough food for the whole week, when you meal prep, you have to portion out each meal, placing it into a container.  This means when you go to eat it, that is all there is to eat! No full pot of leftovers sitting on the stove for you to nibble on after dinner or steal from the fridge, and no extras for you to overindulge in and lose sight of proper portion sizes.  In essence, meal prepping is one of the best ways to get your potions under control and prevent you from overeating and is a great place to start on your weight loss journey. 

2. Prevents Temptation

If your weight loss downfall is opening the fridge and eating everything in sight, meal prepping and portioning is a great solution.  Now, when you open the fridge, all of the food is pre-portioned into containers and you are less likely to eat whatever you see because it is not in small, bite size bits, or easy to just eat a small amount of.  Likewise, there will be no more daily grocery store trips, because you have run out of food to cook, preventing this unwanted temptation time as well.  

3. Solidifies a Schedule

As you go along your weight loss journey, routine and schedule are going to be incredibly important in helping you stay on track.  Meal prepping is an important part of that, in that it gives you a time every week when you will be preparing your meals.  For example, maybe you commit to every Sunday afternoon, or every Friday night after work.  But you can also use this to build a complete healthy living routine.  You will be making enough meals for each day, and so then you can schedule in the times that you eat them each day so as not to be constantly snacking.  You can then build in your workout routine around this so you can be sure to fit in exercise.  Simply having one foundational component, like meal prepping, is the first step towards creating a complete healthy lifestyle.

Ready to get started? Successful meal prepping comes from being prepared! Stock up on enough containers to store your food, block off a chunk of time to use as your meal prep time, and then go grocery shopping and get everything you need.  When you have everything ready to go and set yourself up for success, you are much more likely to complete the meal prep every week and will be well on your way to reaching your weight loss goals.

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH –  Viand Nutrition

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