Why De-Cluttering is the New Wellness Trend

Why De-Cluttering is the New Wellness Trend

Floating around on your Instagram squares, through your Twitter feed and on the latest trending health and wellness websites is a lot of new information on organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning up and cleaning out. 

Maybe it’s because of the growing popularity of the Marie Kondo books on tidying up, or maybe it’s because in a world of chaos, materialism and constant change, there is something to be said for creating clean spaces. 

And experts agree. 

Here’s why you should take your tidying seriously and put it on your list in the same way you do your fitness class:

1. It helps you sleep better

Having a clean room that is tidy, organized and free from clutter, helps create a calm, relaxed and totally zen space – perfect for sleeping. 

When you have a lot of excess stuff in your room, or there are lots of things cluttering it up, it also clutters your mind and makes it hard for you to unwind and be able to get a good night’s sleep. 

Don’t forget, this also includes digital de-cluttering: having too many electronic devices in your room also makes it hard for your mind to shut off and inhibits a healthy sleep.

2. It saves you money

There is a running joke that the increased consumption of avocado toast by the millennial generation is coming at the cost of owning a house later in life. 

And it’s not just avocado toast: our increased tendency towards materialism, our “use once and throw away” products, or even our increase in purchasing due to social media ad exposure, has in many cases, left a big hole in our pocket. 

When you organize and de-clutter, you realize you need less, want less, and in turn, purchase less. 

The outcome?

Tidier spaces and bigger savings!

3. It decreases stress

You know the deal: you need to clean your kitchen, and vacuum your room, the toilet and shower need to be cleaned and there is a heap of laundry still needing your attention leftover from the weekend. 

There are all of these tidying chores piling up – along with the rest of your life tasks - and it is stressing you out. 

De-cluttering and having less in your house to have to clean and tidy up decreases stress.  

There are enough other causes of stress in our life, so it’s time to do some organizing and let this one go!

4. It gives you more freedom

Not only physical freedom and space that come from having less stuff, but also increased freedom in your mind and thoughts.  

Having a lot of stuff around actually disrupts and overcrowds our thoughts and makes it harder to focus. 

We are more easily distracted (by the physical clutter itself, or the need to do something about it), and have a decreased attention span. 

Not to mention, when you get rid of stuff, you suddenly don’t have as much stuff to move, if you choose to move into a new house or apartment, and for that matter, you can move into a smaller space! 

A smaller space costs you less and means less work for you.

And that is a win, win, win!

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH –  Viand Nutrition

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