Top 5 Healthiest Sushi Rolls

Top 5 Healthiest Sushi Rolls

Going out for sushi is probably one of the best things to do.

Sushi has so many flavors, options, and overall, so much food, which isn’t a bad thing – unless you may be trying to eat healthier.

The temptation to go on a sushi roll overload can easily be avoided when you’re making sushi at home – you can also be in control of extra fats, calories, and carbs that are found usually in sushi.

However, if you find yourself out and about and eating sushi, make sure to avoid some of these things: Tempura rolls are the first, and sometimes the hardest to avoid. If you’re not sure what tempura means, it’s fried.

Consider opting out on the rice, or see if you can substitute it for brown rice instead.

Another way to avoid an unhealthy sushi overload is by limiting yourself to two rolls max – a difficult choice, but one that can be beneficial to our health and bodies.

Try to avoid soy sauce, but make sure you get ginger and wasabi – healthy spices that are sure to kick that metabolism into play.

If you’re not sure where to even start with ordering “healthy” sushi, consider these five rolls a start:

California Rolls

Imitation crab may not be the healthiest, so if possible ask for raw crab instead. Besides that, this roll is roughly 250 calories for 6-8 pieces and that’s amazing.

Veggie Rolls

Packed with fresh vegetable, a typical veggie roll is roughly 170 calories. Like stated originally too, if you’re looking for extra fiber and whole grains, consider brown rice instead of white to get the max health benefits.

Avocado Rolls

Coming in at usually 140 calories, most of that is due to the healthy fats in avocado. If you desire a crunch to your rolls, ask if it’s possible to get some raw vegetables in the roll.

Shrimp Rolls

Usually less than 200 calories, getting a shrimp roll is always a healthy option. Make sure you skip the tempura shrimp, avoiding the fried aspect, to get the full benefits and grams of fat. Along with the avocado, if you need to have a little crunch, consider vegetables.

Rainbow Rolls

Ranging from 350-470 calories, rainbow rolls are another solid option when trying to eat healthier. The reason it’s so high in calories is due to the amount of raw fish – so don’t worry, it’s healthy calories.

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