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Here's How to Get Your Weight Loss Motivation Back

How to Get Your Weight Loss Motivation Back

January has come and gone, and March is just around the corner, and yet you find somehow that you have fallen off track on your weight loss goals.  

Those lofty resolutions you set at the beginning of the new year are seeming pretty far away from accomplishment right now, and you can’t help but feel as if you have lost your weight loss motivation.  

Don’t worry, here are 4 ways to get your weight loss motivation back!

  1. Mix things up – If your solution to losing weight has relied on the same set of changes to your diet and exercise from day one, no wonder you have lost your motivation.  Not only have these changes left you unmotivated, but they likely have stopped giving you optimal success: your body gets used to changes and then no longer has to adapt or work harder to implement the change. Once it stops adapting, you stop seeing the results such as weight loss, toning etc. Fix this by doing something different, like a different type of exercise, some new recipes or a fun new wellness routine.
  2. Max your Mental Game – A big part of weight loss success is being committed to it in your thoughts and mind.  In other words, when you start hearing the voice in your head that says “you can’t do it,” or tells you “you are not doing well enough,” and should just quit, you need to have tools in place to overcome this.  This takes practice and requires you to do some work outside of just physical exercise.  For example, come up with a really clear why: why are you trying to lose weight and what’s your main intrinsic motivation behind it? In addition, find a mantra or an accountability partner or source of inspiration that will work for you in the moment when you hear that voice and get stuck.  
  3. Find a Buddy – If you’ve been flying solo up until now, maybe you will gain motivation by bringing someone else onboard with you.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else who is trying to lose weight, but someone who also exercises who you can call up to go for a run with, or schedule early morning gym classes with.  Or perhaps you could select someone as a mentor who you can learn from and use to motivate you by showing you new things, such as recipes, ingredients and healthy living ideas.
  4. Take a Break – If you have been going hard, full-on committed to your journey since January 1st, maybe you just need a break.  Give yourself a weekend off from your exercise routine, give yourself the freedom to not be so strict on your eating and health routine for a couple of days, and take some time to indulge in your favourite foods, activities and people. This little reset will not only give your body a break, but will also really clarify for you how truly committed you are to your new healthy lifestyle, based on how you feel when you stray from it.  


By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH |–  Viand Nutrition

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