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8 Reasons to Do a 30-Day Challenge (Other Than Weight Loss)

8 Reasons to Do a 30-Day Challenge (Other Than Weight Loss)

You may have noticed that your gym or yoga studio was hosting a 30-day challenge.  Or maybe you came across an image on Pinterest about doing a certain exercise routine for 30 days, or adopting certain dietary changes.  While most of them are health and fitness related and you may indeed start them for the purpose of weight loss, there are lots of other reasons to do a challenge, in addition to the scale.  Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  1. Meet new people - There's nothing like feeling you are part of a tribe and have other people holding you accountable when it comes to tackling a challenge. If you do a 30-day challenge in a group setting - like at a yoga studio for example - you will likely meet new people who are also in the challenge. From there, you may just go to classes together, or maybe you'll become best friends! 
  2. Become a Team player - sign up for a 30 day challenge as part of a group and you’ll immediately feel like you are a part of a team: an important member supporting the others and when you don't show up, you are letting the team down as much as yourself! 
  3. Form a Habit - 30 days is long enough to develop a habit, whereby you lay the foundation to assume a permanent change in your life - like daily exercise, daily push-ups, or a daily intake of greens. Whatever the challenge, don't view it as over after 30 days: view it as just beginning, and now you are over the hump and we'll on your way! 
  4. Establish self- discipline - Sometimes we continue to tell ourselves we don't have self- discipline because it seems we always fail at something, or never stick to our word. But it's a self fulfilling prophecy: the more you tell yourself that, the more you believe it and then more you conform to it. Show yourself otherwise as you succeed at a 30 day challenge! 
  5. Commit to yourself - When you commit yourself to doing something every day for 30 days, you create a commitment to yourself, honouring yourself and that you are worthy of what you say you are going to do. Each day of success makes it harder to have the next day of failure, because you know how hard you've worked and how far you've come. This mindset of progress, success and commitment is then transferable across other areas of your life, such as your job or in your relationships. 
  6. Test your will power – For all those times you have said you can’t, or blamed your lack of willpower for your failure, this is your chance to prove to yourself otherwise.  Taking on a challenge requires commitment and dedication and at times may test your willpower and ability.  But it will also show you just how much strength and willpower you really have! 
  7. Learn something new about yourself – There’s nothing like a challenge to help push you outside your boundaries.  In the process, you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself.  Maybe that you are more skilled at something than you thought, or something isn’t as hard as you thought, or that you are capable of doing more of something than you thought.  Whatever the case, take the challenge as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself!
  8. Be challenged – Finally, it’s called a challenge for a reason: it should challenge you.  It should be hard some days and push you out of your comfort zone, it should make you feel a sense of accomplishment, and a drive to succeed, but also an internal struggle sometimes of wanting to give up, or thinking you can’t, and yet knowing you can!  Embrace the challenge, learn what it feels like and seek this out in other areas of your life. 

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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