6 Times Social Media Isn't The Answer

6 Times Social Media Isn't The Answer

We love social media, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Here are 6 different occasions social media is not the answer: 

  1. You’re feeling really down on yourself – Scrolling through Facebook only leads you to fall into the comparison trap, where you see other people who you think are better than you, who you think have things more together than you, who you think look nicer than you, and above all else, who just have everything right that you seem to be getting wrong.  Well here’s the truth: you aren’t getting it wrong.  We just each have our own version of what’s right and what works, and you have to be confident in what yours is, and hold onto it, not try to conform it to someone else’s.  You do you.  You’re the best you. 
  2. You aren’t confident about your body – Social media is this trap that sucks us in when it comes to our body confidence, where one day it makes us feel good because we had a good eating day and did the workout we found on Pinterest and took the confident gym-selfie and made the vegan dinner, but then, on the day when we don’t do all those things, makes us feel like we aren’t good enough, because everybody else on Instagram apparently did do all those things again.  Don’t let it get to you! What you don’t know is that they have bad days too, they just don’t post on those days . . .
  3. You are supposed to be working – Maybe this is a no-brainer, but if you are needing to be productive, have a get shit done kind of day and cover some ground on your goals and projects, don’t even open your social media profiles.  In fact, log out of each one so that you aren’t even tempted to have a sneak peek and block them on your computer or phone for the day.  If you want to be really productive, turn your phone on silent and don’t look at emails respond to texts or answer calls.
  4. You’ve just lost your job – Or gotten rejected from your university of choice, or found out you didn’t get the job in the first place etc. etc.  Any bad news is always made worse by viewing your Facebook timeline.  You see other people who are being successful (or at least appear that way), and think, “why not me?”, or worse yet, you see the status update from the girl who did get the job or the university acceptance letter, and you feel even worse about it.  You’re allowed to feel down for a bit, but then take some time and regroup and figure out Plan B. There is always a Plan B.
  5. You didn’t go out the night before – Whether this is a serious case of FOMO, or you just don’t get the jokes within the stories on the day after, if you made the choice not to go out the night before when your friends did, and you are prone to being jealous of people having a good time without you, stay off  social media for the day.  And reassure yourself that you made the right choice by not going out, because you didn’t consume all those extra calories, lose all that sleep, eat that fatty 3am drunk food and you aren’t hungover today, meaning you went to the gym and made yourself a great, healthy breakfast!  Go you!
  6. You are having a bad eating day – Let’s be real: we all have days where, for one reason or another, we end up eating like crap, and we know it!  Every meal feels like we had something we shouldn’t have had and we’re just craving all the sugar, carbs and fatty foods.  It’s okay to have these days: it’s good to not deprive yourself to help you avoid binging, and helps you feel more confident about how much you are doing the right thing, because of how much better yo feel on the days you eat properly.  If you are having an off day though, turning to Facebook or Instagram, where you see all the pictures of people who just finished their Sunday morning long run and crushed their goals at the gym, while they stare at you in their sports bra, may just make you feel way worse than you need to.  Accept that you are going to have a bad eating day, be okay with it and understand its place in your diet, and don’t let other things sway our decisions.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Chronicles of Passion & Facebook)  

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