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6 At Home Tips for Healthier Skin

6 At Home Tips for Healthier Skin

I think I speak for all of us when I say that skin is a top priority in our health regime. We want skin that looks nice, stays nice and ages nicely. 

But many of us aren’t doing enough to ensure that happens, and more than that, perhaps don’t know all the easy, inexpensive things you can do that will improve your skin. 

Have a look at the list below and start taking your skin to the next level:

  1. Use activated charcoal – One of the current top super foods, charcoal is good for more than just adding to your smoothies.  In fact, it does wonders for your skin, helping draw out toxins and deposits in your pores that cause things such as blackheads and pimples.  It does this via chelation, the same way that it draws toxins out of your body and digestive system when you add charcoal to your foods.  In addition, charcoal is great for whitening your teeth! Simply put some toothpaste on your toothbrush, and then dip it into a jar of charcoal, covering the brush, and then brush as normal.  You’ll have a black mouth, but over a few weeks you’ll also get whiter teeth!
  2. Drink more water – It’s one of the simplest, yet most important things you can do to improve your skin.  One of the main reasons behind unhealthy skin that gets dried out is lack of water.  Simply increasing your daily water intake by a few cups a day can have dramatic improvements on your complexion, help your skin stay hydrated and reduce the tired look that often presents as circles under your eyes, or droopy, wrinkly skin. 
  3. Use coconut oil – In the name of hydrating and helping boost your skin’s oil production, why not apply oil from the outside in?  Coconut oil is moisturizing and helps hydrate dried out skin, as well as encourages the natural oil production of your skin, which is necessary for cleansing, and detoxification of your pores.  Buy a jar of coconut oil to leave in the shower and apply it all over your skin after washing.  Not only will it boos your skin’s health, but you’ll love how soft it makes your skin feel!
  4. Don’t use hot water – It may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to washing your face, it is actually better not to use hot water.  It dries out your skin more and prevents your pores from functioning optimally.  Instead, lukewarm or room temperature water is recommended, and be sure to dry your face well, and moisturize soon after cleansing.
  5. Protect your skin – Skin protection is one of the best things you can do to ensure long-term skin health.  You can think of it as a preventative step, which will allow you to have better skin as you age.  The most important thing for skin protection is to stay out of the sun and to apply sunscreen if you are going to expose your skin to the sun’s rays for extended periods of time.  In addition, make sure to wash your face and remove your make up every night before going to bed, and avoid rubbing with a towel to dry.  Instead, use a soft cloth and simply dab, or gently wipe away the water after washing.
  6. Increase your healthy fat intake – Healthy fats, including avocado, coconut oil, flax oil and nuts and seeds are one of the best foods you can eat for healthy skin.  The structure of the pores is such that the fat helps them stay healthy and maintain their fluidity to allow toxins and build-ups to exit easily and not become clogged at the surface producing pimples and unwanted skin breakouts.  In addition, our skin has natural oil production, which helps it maintain the health of the pores as well, and consuming healthy fats and oils within our diet helps ensure the skin is able to stay on track with its own production of oils.

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