50 Reasons You Need a Teatox

10 reasons you need a teatox

I'm sure you have heard of a teatox by now. A teatox is a HEALTHY DETOX TEA PROGRAM that helps cleanse your body of toxins while aiding in APPETITE SUPPRESSION AND WEIGHT LOSS.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people have tried a teatox and Skinny Teatox is the #1 in the world.

We have the most effective product, the best prices, the friendliest customer service and the fastest shipping!

In addition to the reasons you need to try a teatox that I'll explain in more detail below, here is a quick summary as to why you should try a teatox: 

Why Skinny Teatox

OK - not convinced yet? But you're still a little curious about trying a teatox... fair enough, here are more reasons to try Skinny Teatox...

13 Reasons to Try Skinny Teatox

    1. IT'S 100% NATURAL. All of the ingredients in both our daytime and evening tea are 100% natural. No chemicals, no preservatives, no coloring... just natural herbs. 
    2. YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING. Throughout your teatox and after, you will feel great. The daytime tea is a premium green tea with ginseng that gives you energy throughout the day, while helping suppress your appetite. 
    3. YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING Teatox's help you lose unwanted weight. The evening tea contains senna leaf, which is a natural mild laxative which cleanses your body from unwanted toxins and excess. Enjoying the evening tea every other day during your teatox leaves you feeling light, full of energy, and ready to take on the world. 
    4. IT WILL TURBO CHARGE YOUR METABOLISM. The combination of our daytime and evening tea boosts your metabolism big time. 
    5. THE TEA IS DELICIOUS. Our daytime tea in particular is insanely good quality. We buy only the best premium tea, so every day you'll look forward to your cup of tea. 
    7. IT'S SOMETHING YOU DO JUST FOR YOURSELF. Skinny Teatox is something you do just for yourself. Cleansing and detoxifying your body is important and your body will thank you. 
    8. WE SHIP SUPER FAST. We ship FAST all around the world. We happily deliver to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Netherlands, France, and more! 
    9. SKINNY TEATOX COSTS LESS MONEY. Compare the prices of our 7 day teatox14 day teatox and 28 day teatox packs with any other reputable company and you'll see that our prices are the best. Don't spend extra money needlessly, buy from Skinny Teatox. 
    10. SKINNY TEATOX IS THE BEST TEATOX IN THE WORLD. We have tried all the teatox and detox tea kits available and we're confident that you'll like Skinny Teatox the best. 
    12. NO DIET IS NECESSARY. Don't starve yourself. Eat your regular healthy foods and simply add Skinny Teatox to your normal routine. It'll work, you'll love it. 
    13. IT'S NOT JUST FOR WOMEN. We have a special teatox just for men, called Skinny Teatox for Men. We blend Skinny Teatox for Men with special herbs that specifically help guys during their teatox. 

Not convinced yet? Don't take our word for it....

Here are some incredible before & after pictures just a few of our happy customers sent in to us (don't forget to read their testimonial under each picture!)

Before And After Pictures

before and after skinny teatox pictures

"I was skeptical... but this actually works!"

Hi friends! My friend and I tried Skinny Teatox in May to get in shape for prom. I had been working out and eating very healthy just to lose a couple of pounds to look killer in my dress. I had never even heard of "teatoxes" before and when my friend told me about it, I was skeptical. I followed Skinny Teatox on Instagram and was inspired by all of the before and after pictures so I gave it a try. I have to say, it was an amazing decision. The morning tea suppressed my appetite and I barely felt hungry throughout the day. The night tea made me feel like there was less junk inside of me. I loved it so much and I recently bought another teatox just to help me lose a couple of pounds. I love skinny teatox products and I recommend it to anyone who is hesitant about trying it. You seriously have nothing to lose except weight :)

progress pic teatox 2

"I lost 13 Lbs!!"

"I started the 28 Day Teatox a month ago at 185 lbs. I'm now about 172 and still working my way down. I went from hating the taste of both of the teas to craving them. First thing I do every morning and make myself a breakfast smoothie and my breakfast tea. The tea keeps me full for a good portion of the day, and gives me a burst of energy. I found myself cleaning everything, taking the dog out for runs every morning, and exercising with this tea. When I never had the energy to before. I will definitely keep buying this tea."
We have waaaaay more amazing before and after pictures you can check out. We keep them all here

....More Testimonial

Sometimes our happy customers don't send in before and after pictures - instead they simply post about Skinny Teatox on their own social media.
Here's just one as an example: 

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That's just one video out of hundreds. 
Some girls post pictures on their own social media accounts. 

Skinny Teatox on Social Media

Skinny Teatox Instagram Girls
Others simply write positive reviews, and you can read them all on each specific product. 
Our 28 DAY SKINNY TEATOX has over 1,600 positive reviews... and that's just one of our products.

Over 1600 Reviews on Just 1 Product 

28 day teatox
Literally thousands of customers were so happy with their purchase that they took time out of their day to leave positive feedback on their purchase. Here's just a sampling of some of the reviews. 

Happy Customers

"In love with the Skinny Teatox Tea, not only did I lose weight fast but it also gave me energy every morning to go to the gym. Would suggest this to everyone it's delicious and you'll see results within days !" By: Nikolita Kichimov

"I first used the 14 day teatox  around 2-3 years ago. I found it incredibly useful and helped me maintain a healthy yet balance lifestyle."* By Kethy Wong

"Hi my name is Brinda and I started the 14 day teatox May 13. I was a little nervous to start the tea because i'm not much of a tea drinker, but after the first day I loved it ! This tea has such a great taste and for that I just ordered another teatox, but this time the 28 day! The morning tea gets me up in the morning and decreases my cravings,which I love; the evening tea, well I think you know the wonders that does. All I can say is that this tea is a cup of delight that just made me more confident with my body. I also recommended it to my friends and four bought some today!"* By Brinda

"I first found Skinny Teatox in April or May and wanted to try it so badly as other tea products were from Australia and out of reach for me and my budget. I ordered my first one (it was a 28 day) mid-May and finished it just in time for my 5 week trip to Europe! The tea is absolutely delicious (well... the morning tea is) and gave me so much energy. I found myself eating less a lot and it helped control my cravings which I was surprised with how well I did. The evening tea tastes a little funky at first but after a few cups you actually adapt and begin to like the flavour -- but don't mix with honey that didn't end well for me. I didn't weigh myself before so I don't know how much weight I lost but I noticed an absolute huge difference... it eliminated my bloat and made me ridiculously happy with my body. After I came back from my 5 week trip to Europe (baguettes, crepes, goulash and all those delicious things...) I felt I was back at my old body because I obviously let myself eat whatever because I was in EUROPE. I did a 14 day teatox after that and it got me back to where I wanted to be! I often get stomach aches so I've always been worried about that but the tea helped control them and regulate my, er, bowel movements. Now that the holidays are over I'm feeling bigger than ever and I'm hoping to do a round 3! 

PS - if you don't already have a loose leaf tea steeper, I highly recommend getting one otherwise you'll have to drink the leaves.."*- Emma

"I'm 19 years old and I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was 175 pounds at my highest then I went down to 155 in as little as two months by drinking 2 cups of tea a day and of course by exercising at least 5 times a week for an hour a day. My goal is to be healthy and fit but I have 30 more pounds to go and as amazing as this product is working I know I can get there by next summer which is PERFECT because I have never in my life felt confident in a bikini. I am beyond amazed how fast my metabolism is now and how much cleaner I feel inside and out. The things I noticed after just a week or two of being on my TEATOX…

1) Had more energy!
2) My skin was glowing, no acne!
3) Wasn't bloated even near the time of the month!
4) My metabolism was speeding up & it helped aide my weight loss!
5) It was TASTY :)

At first I was skeptical because I have seen so many tea products claiming to help in so many ways and pills and diets etc. I have tried the works..even just eating healthy and excessing my butt off but nothing seemed to help my body type till I tried Skinny Teatox. I don't ever want to stop it…addicted in the healthiest way :)"* - Samantha Skye

"I have heard a lot about the Skinny Teatox, I just thought it was another detox which I have tried so many times just different brands. But my friends kept mentioning this specific one and told me to just try it and get the starter kit. I searched online and did some research and realized that everyone on YouTube and all the reviews and before and after photos on the site were all positive. I ended up listening to everyone and bought the starter kit, which has EVERYTHING that you'd need and everything that came with it came for a good price. I needed energy throughout my day so I could get up and go to the gym, and thats exactly what it did. It gave me enough of a boost for me to get into my car and complete a successful workout. Because it gave me this energy and the added thing of me working out, I ended up actually toning my stomach area quite a bit, enough to the point where people actually noticed. And I felt comfortable to wear my bikini again! I definitely suggest th is to every single person out there who wants to try a detox, that tastes great and works great!" 

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