5 Ways to Get a Better Butt

5 Ways to Get a Better Butt

Who wants a beautiful booty?  I think almost everyone sticks their hand up when you hear that.  But if you’re hesitant to do so because you think it requires hours at the gym, think again. While it’s true that loaded squats and stair climbers give a great butt, there are lots of other at home activities you can perform that will get you one that looks just as good. 

Here’s how to sculpt your better at-home booty:

Do your squats – It doesn’t get much simpler than this: just start squatting.  For many, it seems so simple that they figure it’s not even worth it, or it’s not worth it unless you add weight.  But the truth is, that if you just start doing squats, and perform them regularly (like every day), over time, you will start to notice a difference.  Set yourself up a challenge, where you start with 20 per day and then add on 5 for 30 days, or where you try to get to 200 squats in 30 days.  The regular routine and the continuous challenge will ensure you stick to it, make progress and see results!

Go to barreIf you've walked into your fitness class at the gym and have seen a bar attached to the back wall, you may be wondering what it's for and who uses it. It's the main component of Barre classes, which use this bar to allow students to perform several moves targeting several muscles and involving continuous muscle activation for an enhanced workout. One of these areas of muscle is the glutes, and if you attend a class you'll hear lots of "engage your glutes" as you carry out repetitive movements, which will have your buns burning. 

Engage your glutes – How often to you have your glutes activated? For many people, weak glutes means our body compensates and actually uses other muscles, like our hip flexors and hamstrings to do things the glutes would normally be responsible for.  If you work on strengthening your glutes via exercise and simply activating and engaging them regularly, they will go back to performing these tasks as they are supposed to and will then get stronger as a result.  While you are sitting at your desk, sitting on the couch, standing in line at the grocery store or driving in your car, simply engage your glutes repetitively and feel the burn!

Get moving – Stop sitting and start exercising! Most exercise works your glutes, so whether you are running, cycling, doing glute targeted exercises like fire hydrant or clamshell, or doing yoga, it’s hard to avoid working your glutes if you are doing exercise regularly.  The glutes are a large muscle, and as a result are activated during most of the movements we perform.  Working the glutes extra not only gives us a better butt like we are after, but allows them to perform these movements more efficiently and yield better results in things like improving your fitness and strengthening your legs. 

Perform glute targeting workouts – While the first step is to start exercising and get moving, if you are already a regular gym attendee or into fitness, it may be time to take things up a notch and create a glute targeted workout.  This involves putting together a workout routine or series of exercises that exclusively target the glute muscles.  There are heaps of options such as the clam, fire hydrant, bridge and of course, squats, so start to do some research into ones that you can use.  Or if you aren’t sure where to start there are lots of routines already made up online that you can just perform in your living room!

Plus check out these 5 videos to help you get a firm butt

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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