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5 Tricks To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

5 Tricks To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar, a beautiful treatment for those emotional moments in our lives, but it can come with a price.

What’s sad, and scary, about sugar is that it can be addictive – to the point where it’s compared to cocaine and other addictive drugs.

Along with that, we know that a sugar overload can lead to obesity, which in turn can lead to other health issues in the future – such as heart disease, diabetes, and an increased risk of cancer.

If you’re aware of the risks of consuming a large amount of sugar on a daily basis and have tried to cut it out completely, but have failed, fear no more. Cutting anything “cold turkey” is difficult, so to start off simple, consider these five ways of slowly cutting out sugar in your lifestyle.

Clean The House

A very simple, and effective way of cutting back sugar is to make sure there aren’t any in reasonable sight. Having harmful sugars in your home can make one feel they have no control over what they may or may not consume. So, with that, take the first step of cutting back sugars by cutting them out of your household.

Eat Whole Foods

Cutting processed foods out will lead to cutting out sugar. Opting for whole foods like grains, which have carbohydrates, will essentially have the same effect on your body as if you were consuming something with sugar. Plus, consuming whole grained foods will help keep you full longer, which can curb cravings.

Ditch Artificial Sweeteners

Though using artificial sweeteners (like Aspartame or even Stevia)can help some through their diets, consuming them can lead to having a harsher sweet tooth. It can eventually have the same addicting effect that consuming regular sugar would, which can actually lead to gaining weight again. Limit your artificial sweetening the same way you would with limiting regular sugars.

Satisfy With Fruit

Though some fruits do contain high sugar content, like grapes or cherries, grabbing a fruit instead of a candy bar will still be as satisfying. Like substituting your diet with whole grains, adding fruit will also help make one feel fuller due to the high fiber content found in most fruits. Plus, you can really play and pair with fruits in meals – like adding apples to your salads or berries to your yogurt!

Soda Swap

We all know that soda, or pop, is not good for us – even the sugar free or no calorie ones. Consider swapping out the soda for real fruit juices, or even water. That way you’re not getting those unwanted sugars and it’ll keep you on a healthy path. (check out 5 reasons to quit soda!)

By: Bethany Barich (Follow on Instagram & Twitter)

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