5 Creative Ways to Cheer Up This Winter

5 Creative Ways to Cheer Up This WinterWinter doesn’t just bring us pretty snow and holidays to spend with our families and friends.  It can also blow in some winter blues and induce seasonally worsened depression and anxiety. 

Here are some ways to center yourself and lessen the stress on yourself during these winter months.

1. Yoga

Yoga has so many health benefits, both physical and mental.  Practicing yoga can improve your flexibility and your strength as it stretches and strengthens your muscles and joints.  Yoga also does wonders for your mental health.  When we’re stressed, we carry tension throughout our bodies (most commonly in the neck/shoulder/back area) which affects our sleep and ability to focus.  Incorporating yoga into your day can reduce your stress (both physically and mentally) so that you can relax.  For more information on the benefits that yoga can provide you with, check out this article!

2. Dance

Set aside your worries of the day, turn up your favorite playlist, and DANCE!  Letting your body loose to dance your worries away is a great way to decompress.  This can be due to many reasons.  Your mind is given something to focus on as it times your moves to the beat of the music, and all of the physical activity increases your brain’s blood flow.

3. Get Artsy

Head to your local craft store to pick up some adult coloring books, and get creative!  Art is always a positive way to express any and all emotions.  Not only does coloring give your mind something to focus on, but you’ll have a great wall decoration once you’re finished with each page!

4. Heat Things Up!

My favorite way to warm is by far curling up under a nice cozy blanket with my favorite hot drink.  Not sure what to heat up?  Check out Skinny Teatox’s new line of specialty teas, they even have a mood boosting tea!

5. REST!

Give your body a rest!  When your sleep is off, so are you.  Poor sleeping habits do more than just make you sleepy:  not getting enough sleep can impact your mood, ability to focus, decision making, hormone levels, and even your weight.  Make sure you’re on a pretty regular sleep schedule, and try to squeeze in around eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Don’t let the dreary winter weather get you down.  Make sure you’re setting aside time to allow yourself to wind down and relax amidst the upcoming finals and holiday stress.

By: Kayla Harwick

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