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4 Ways to Beat Food Guilt

4 Ways to Beat Food Guilt

This year, do yourself a favour and stop feeling guilty about food. 

Stop feeling guilty about what you eat and when you eat it and work on creating a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and what you are eating. 

If you constantly find yourself feeling guilty over it, here are 4 ways to beat your guilt and start 2017 off on the right foot: 

  1. Make a conscious choice – It is okay to eat dessert, or snack on a few chips, or treat yourself to your favourite ice cream.  The trick is simply that it has to be a conscious choice that you make, are aware of, and are in tune with.  When you eat mindlessly, sticking your hand continuously into the bag of chips, or dipping your spoon endlessly into the tub of ice cream, this is when these treats become a problem, and when you are no longer in control.  When it switches to this point, this is when it is easy to allow these actions to become habitual rather than conscious, and before you know it, you are eating that bag of chips like that every other night. 
  2. Silence the voice – Don’t let that voice in your head that reprimands you, gives you negative comments about your body and choices, and tells you that you have no will power and keep failing at your diet plans take over.  Practice positive affirmations, look in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful and worthy you are, and don’t let any thing else get in the way.  We all have days where we eat too much, eat the wrong foods, over indulge in our favourite treat, or eat way too much peanut butter by the spoonful.  But we’re only human.  Don’t let the voice in your heat beat you up over it.
  3. View food as fuel – Stop looking at food as something you have to burn off, earn, or that you do/don’t deserve.  Stop looking at food as something that has to be rationed, deprived, limited or restricted, and stop placing food into good and bad, yes and no categories.  Instead, look at food as fuel.  Fuel you need to be energized and feel good, to be productive and to fire you up for the day.  Fuel you need to keep your body running optimally, your brain functioning efficiently and your emotions flowing appropriately.  This is what food is, and putting yourself in that mindset is the best way to ensure you maintain a good relationship with the food you eat.
  4. Stop glorifying the occasion – Tell me if this sounds familiar: you know you are going out tonight to a friend’s birthday party, where there will be cake, lots of appetizers, an open bar and of course a big dinner, catered by your favourite restaurant.  In your head, all you think about all day is the dinner: how many calories you are going to consume tonight, how it is going to be over your limit for the day, how much food there will be tonight to eat, how you really want to drink with your friends tonight.  Essentially you are simply giving the night way more energy than it deserves, and becoming obsessed with it.  Instead, just let it come: don’t deprive yourself all day and  “save up” calories, as you’ll just over eat later.  And if you end up indulging a little, so be it.  Making a bigger deal out of it than you need to will simply turn it into a bigger deal than it needs to be!

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Viand Nutrition & Facebook)  

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