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4 Areas of Wellness You Need to Fix

4 Areas of Wellness You Need to Fix

You've started on your new health program: you exercise 5-6 days per week, drink way more water than ever before (hello bathroom breaks!) and have totally revamped your diet.

And while these are all positive and necessary changes, you may not realize that wellness is an overall encompassing state, and it involves more than just exercising and eating properly. 

Wellness takes into account everything from your career to your finances to your home and your relationships. 

If you feel like you are making changes that just aren’t leading to success, it may be that you aren’t addressing all the areas that your health and wellness entails. 

Here are a few areas to pay attention to that you may have missed: 

1) Financial - Trying to ignore money issues or not bring them up with your partner is not a long-term solution that supports your wellness. These problems don't solve themselves, and even if you keep telling yourself that it will be fine, or it will all work out, that constant underlying stress builds up to a big burden on your health and wellbeing. Stop putting off addressing the issues and make a time to sit down and sort it out.  Even if there are some initial struggles or resistance, the long-term outcome of having it dealt with and no longer hanging over your head is totally worth it.

2) Social - it's easy to think, that with a busy day to day life, spending time with colleagues every day for work, and doing family things in the weekend, that not only is a social circle unnecessary, but also, you just don't have time! But here the thing: you need to make time. Having a group of friends who you can use to de-stress and get advice from, who you can call when you've had a fight with your boyfriend or for just when you need a pick me up is a critical part of your overall health.

3) Creative - I hear you: "but I'm not creative!" Creativity comes in so many forms and expands way further than simply drawing or painting. It could be writing, knitting, cooking, baking, room decorating or making paper art. Creativity engages a different part of the brain than most of our day-to-day activities. Keeping an active brain in all areas helps improve overall brain functioning, but also helps keep that part of the brain active and stimulated. Regular brain stimulation is critical for preventing Alzheimer's and dementia and helps ensure a healthy brain during aging.  

4) Environmental - We so often neglect the fact that where we live, the environment we surround ourselves with and how that makes us feel, is a critical part of our wellbeing. If you are in a housing and living situation that makes you unhappy, or are in an environment with people who aren't supportive of you and how you live your life, it can be very draining in your wellbeing. You may find that you spend a lot of energy trying to mediate and put out fires i a household that doesn't get along, or maybe you end up feeling like you are walking on eggshells around everyone. Whatever the situation, it's important to address it, as this is a key area critical to sustained wellbeing.


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