10 New Ways to Use Avocado

10 ways to use avocado

If you thought avocado only went as far as avocado toast, think again.  

There are so many thing to do with this delicious, healthy fat filled fruit, that you may have been missing out on the best ones.  

Get creative in the kitchen this week and try your favourite avocado friend like this:

  1. As Pudding – While you may have heard of avocado chocolate pudding, the truth is, you can make it any flavor you choose! Use dates for caramel, vanilla essence for vanilla, or add coffee for mocha!
  2. In a Cream Sauce – Creamy sauce is the name of the game here. The next time you want some vegan cream sauce, use avocado in place of cream, and delight in the health benefits and deliciousness!
  3. In a Salad – Not just for mashing, chop your avocado up and use in a salad.  It combines well with black beans, tomato and cucumber, and tastes delicious with citrus-based dressings like lime or lemon.
  4. As a Dressing – Don’t want your avocado chopped up in your salad? Turn it into a dressing instead! Puree in the blender with balsamic vinegar, lemon, tahini and some salt, and you’ll have a creamy dressing that tastes delicious on any salad creation.
  5. Turned into Sandwich Filling – Not in the usual sliced avocado way, but instead, smash it up with some chickpeas, lemon, smoked paprika and salt. You’ll have a tasty, protein packed combination that serves as a great alternative to egg or chicken salad, spread between bread!
  6. As a Smoothie – You may think it would taste bad, but avocados actually help make smoothies extra creamy and smooth! Add them in with spinach, banana, some pineapple and mango, with a boost of spirulina and coconut water for a creamy, healthy, hydrating delight!
  7. Made into Dip – Just like it makes a creamy sauce, avocado helps make a thick dip! Opt for pureed avocado instead of sour cream or mayonnaise in your favourite dip and you will have a much healthier dipping option that you can use for dinner and lunch.
  8. Blended into Ice Cream – Make vegan ice cream by combining frozen bananas, your favourite berry, coconut cream and avocado with some vanilla essence.  Once smooth, refreeze and then blend again before serving and you’ll have a healthy dessert that is good for any night of the week!
  9. Baked into Baking – Because of the natural fat content of avocado and their incredible creaminess, they work exceptionally well in baking as a healthy alternative to butter.  Use in cake, cupcakes, brownies and cookies!
  10. Grilled – Slice the avocado in half, removing the pit. Drizzle with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt and then flip onto the grill.  Leave until char marks start to form and then scoop out and serve with your favourite grilled veggies.

Grab your avocado, put the toaster away, and let’s get started!

By: Laura Peill –  Viand Nutrition

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